How to Make Conference Group Video Call on Skype in Windows XP/7/8 PC

Skype is used to make free audio and video calls from one computer to the other over the internet and thus killing the public ISD phone booth services. If you are a Skype user you might have known that it is possible to make a conference calls using Skype but if you don’t know how to use it then this article is for you guys. Let me help you in making Skype free conference audio and premium video calls or group calls in both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Note : The steps for making a group call is different in Windows 8 and the other Windows OS because in Windows-8 the Skype’s user-interface will vary. For video conference you need Skype premium account and for audio calls it is free.

Make Conference Calls on Skype in Windows 8

If you are using Windows 8 then follow the below method to start a group conversation. Don’t worry it is not that difficult at all.
1. Open your Skype account on your Windows-8 Computer and Log into your account. Click on a person to start a group conversation and then you will be adding the remaining.
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2. Click on the “+” button that you see on the bottom of the screen and select “Add participants“.
3. On the next screen all you have to do is to add the users with whom you want to speak in video conference calls. You can add multiple users at once so select everyone you need and finally click on the add button.
4. Now you can easily group chat and make group calls within that members you have selected.

Make Conference Calls on Skype in Windows XP/7

Making video conference calls on Skype in Windows XP/7 is more easier than setting it up on Windows-8. Follow the simple steps given below carefully and you can have  group video calls.

Steps to Make Video Group Chat on Skype

  1. Click on the “Group icon” from the Skype as shown in the below picture.
  2. Select the user you want to have a group video chat and drag them to the right pane.
  3. Click on the “Call Group” button to call every members of the group at once.
  4. If you would like to save the group click on the “Save group in contacts” from the top.
You never would have expected it to be that simple right ? These are the simple methods by which you can start a  Skype video conversation in both Windows-XP/7 and Windows-8.
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