How to Use Android Mobile Phone as Webcam in PC

If you don’t have a webcam on your desktop computer but if you own a Android mobile phone then do not worry because there are several Android applications available on the internet to convert your mobile phone into webcam for you PC. It’s very simple to use your Android mobile as a webcam for free and also the installation procedure is easy.

Note : In-order to use this application you will need a Wi-Fi connection on your mobile device and if you wish to connect your mobile phone as webcam for your computer using USB data cable then read this article. How to use Mobile Phone as Webcam with USB

How to Use Android Phone as a Webcam

Things we need :
  1. IP Webcam application (free)
  2. IP Camera Adapter (free)
  3. Chrome or Firefox Browser
Install the IP Webcam application onto your Android mobile phone and IP Camera Adapter on your Windows desktop computer.

Steps to Configure on IP Webcam Application

  • Adjust the screen resolution, quality, username, password and other adjustments as per your requirement click on the “Start server” at the end.
  • An IP address will appear at the bottom of your android mobile phone screen.Open it in Chrome or Firefox and select “Use browser built-in viewer” optioon.
  • Choose the best options as per your needs and you must see the video loading in the web browser. If not then try again with the another link.

Steps to Follow in IP Camera Adapter

  • Open the software from windows and type in all the fields required and click on apply when you are done.
  • The camera feed URL must be appended with /videofeed at the end of the IP address and click on the “Autodetect” button for the screen resolution.

Now open any video conferencing tools like Skype, Google Hangout or Facebook messenger and you must see your video streaming from the Android phone camera on your computer. The application uses the secondary camera of your mobile phone as default and that’s because the secondary camera will have more clarity when compared toward the front facing camera.

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  1. its good to know how the evolving technology is doing…………….how can i become a websitedesigner?

    1. you can become a webdesigner by learning HTML, CSS,JS at the beginning and then moving towards the server side scripting languages like PHP or ASP

  2. hi sir i dnt understand how to do this .pls help
    my laptop is connected to router and my phone use wifi of my laptop through connectify software how in this phone cant connect directly to my router so help

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