Turn Windows-8 Into Wifi Hotspot

Turning the windows-8 computer into an Wifi hotspot can allow other users to share the internet on your computer.Sharing the internet may be useful when you want to download games,apps from your mobile device using wifi.Converting a computer into a hotspot mentioned below is working perfect and is compatible with both windows-7 and windows-8.
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turn windows wifi hotspot

Steps To Turn Windows-8 Into Wifi Hotspot :

1.Open Network and Sharing center from Control Panel => Network and Internet => Network and Sharing and click “Change Adapter Setting” from the left side.Now you will be taken to the Network Connections window.

turn windows 8 into wifi hotspot
2.Open the command promt in Administrator mode and type the following code.

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=jishnu key=Password

Type in a name in SSID and a secure key.This is the name that is used to connect from the other devices using wifi.
Here the SSID is jishnu and key is Password.
This creates a new connection named “Local area Connection” on your computer.

turn windows 8 into wifi hotspot
3.Type in the following command to start the network.
netsh wlan start hostednetwork
turn windows 8 into wifi hotspot
4.Open the network Connections we have opened earlier and Right click on the Broadband or the internet modem that you are using to connect to the internet and select properties.In my case it is Reliance-Netconnect.
turn windows 8 into wifi hotspot
5.In the properties windows select the check box next to “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection” and select the local area connection from the option menu that we have created above and finally press ok.
turn windows 8 into wifi hotspot
6.Your windows-8 has turned into a wifi hotspot now and you can search it from a wifi built-in device and use the computer to share the internet.
To stop the connection just type the following command.
netsh wlan stop hostednetwork
turn windows 8 into wifi hotspot
Everytime you reboot the computer, the connection we have created above will get erased and you need to repeat the process again.
If you are not successful with the above method then simply download the software named “connectify” from here : Download Connectify
(Thanks to jishnu)
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16 thoughts on “Turn Windows-8 Into Wifi Hotspot

  1. I followed the steps given above. Everything is done but when i am trying to connect my mobile via wifi, its not happening. Its showing OBTAINING IP ADDRESS,, nothing is happening then.. Help me……

  2. I followed the steps and it works, now i am able to connect my iPad and phone to Laptop quite easily with my laptop..thanks for the post.

  3. hi when i try to do above steps i recived error on step-3 as

    " The hosted network couldn't be started.
    The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested opera
    tion. " plz suggest how to overcome from this problem

  4. Run it in admin mode.Are you working in windows 8?If yes,this will work.
    If you are running windows 7 let me know and I will let you know the other solutions.

  5. On my windows 8 PC it does not create “Local Area Connection Network” after the first step. Neither does it show “Home Network Connection tab under sharing. Help Please !

    1. Are you connected through internet using LAN network or Wifi ? If you are connected through Wifi then it is not possible to share it through the same wifi.

  6. can this work for an mts dongle?? i mean that can i create a wifi hotspot from my normal data dongle( not a wifi dongle)

  7. i’m using win 8 and i followed the steps.Everything done but internet isn’t sharing on my devices. i’m using Reliance netconnect+ usb dongle.please help

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