10 Windows 8 Features which were Not Present Windows 7

Windows 8 now starts getting its share increased in the computers world by over taking the previous windows operating system i.e. Windows 7. Windows 8 has several new features which were not in Windows 7. These features will help Microsoft in getting Windows 8 a great success like its all previous operating systems.

10 Features of Windows 8 that were not present in the earlier Windows 7 operating system:

  1. USB 3.0 Support – Windows 8 supports the latest USB standards i.e. USB 3.0. USB is the standard way of transferring data from computers and other peripheral devices. USB 3.0 is the latest version of USBs and the data transfer rate with USB 3.0 is more than that of USB 2.0 and now your windows operating system supports that. So you can enjoy the fast and improved data transfer speed with USB 3.0 ports using Windows 8 operating system. Also your mobile phones will get charge quickly as USB 3.0 provides more power.
  2. New Metro Interface – Windows 8 features new interface known as Metro interface almost same as of Windows Phone 7 OS. Metro interface is very good when it comes to a touch screen computer or laptop or tablet. You can use your tablet as your computer with this new Windows 8.
  3. SWYPE Support – You can connect your keyboard and mouse to navigate in Windows 8 but the best part is that Windows 8 is optimized for touch also. So you can navigate with your touch also as you do with your smartphone. SWYPE gestures can also be used to navigate through the windows.
  4. New Data Copy Interface – Windows 8 also features a very new interface for data copy. You will copy your files and folders with a new interface in Windows 8. The new interface also features renaming and replacing file options that were not present in Windows 7.
  5. Windows Store – Like Facebook apps centre, Android’s Google Play and Apple app store, now your windows also have the Windows store. Windows 8 comes preloaded with its application store that is the latest feature in any Windows operating system version. So you can now download apps for your windows directly from Windows Store in your Windows 8 operating system.
  6. Same Operating System for both Tablets and PCs – You can run the same Windows 8 operating system either on your tablet or on your laptop or PC. The complete operating system is same for both. If you have a tablet then you can connect keyboard and mouse to make it use like your laptop or PC. Also Windows now sync all your documents online using SkyDrive.
  7. A Windows with Sensors – Windows 8 also features GPS, Compass, Ambient Light and Accelerometer sensors. So now your laptop knows about your location and it will help you in getting directions more quickly and efficiently.
  8. NFC Supports – Windows 8 has NFC feature using which you can share your photos, videos and files very easily with other NFC peripherals. You need to tap the other NFC device to share the files using NFC.
  9. Connected Standby Mode – Windows 8 has a new sleep mode which is called as Connected Standby Mode in which all the programs are not stopped. Some programs are still active in this kind of sleep mode such as Instant Messaging, Email and Phone calls. This makes your tablet working as a smartphone. It will also help in improving the power performance of our system.
  10. New Microsoft Office 2013 and Internet Explorer 10 – Windows 8 is the best operating system to use Office 2013 and Internet Explorer 10. Office 2013 and Explorer 10 come preloaded with Windows 8. You can also download other apps from Windows Store and use them on the new Windows from Microsoft.

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Few Last Words:

These were the 10 features of Windows 8 that were not in Windows 7. All these features make Windows 8 works best for both PCs and Tablets. The best thing of using Windows 8 is that now you have the same operating system both in your PC and tablet. Also the SkyDrive helps in easy sync of your data. So it’s a windows fully featured for the new smart generation who loves using gadgets with smart features and Windows 8 is going to complete all these needs of this smart generation.
Article posted by Imran from All Tech Buzz.

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