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Earn money from android apps

[Guide] Monetize Free Android Apps with Ads to Make Money

Revenue from mobile applications grow more than twice every year and apart from the paid apps there’s a strong evidence that shows that free Android app owners are also making money out of their app. On a overall basis 89% of the income generated from an Android app comes only from free applications. If you have already had the thoughtful idea for your application then it’s time to see how you will monetize your product. If you want to make money with your Android apps then you must have a creative idea. It’s fine if you aren’t a coder because you can get the app done from a good reputed Android company. There are few thing which you must consider before releasing your Application to the play store. Also read : How to start a successful blog that cane earn you for lifetime.
Earn money from android apps

  1. Does your app already exists in the market? If so, how it differs from them?
  2. Does your app has potential to be used with wider audience ?
  3. Will the app be fun or something useful to the smartphone users?

If your answers are “Yes” to the above three questions then proceed further to know how can we monetize the Android apps so that it could generate thousand of dollars per day.

4 Ways Monetizing Android Apps to Make Money

I’m going to list out the major resources for monetizing your Android application but, Do not use all the methods below because it doesn’t provide a good user experience. Remember, If you’re an Android user would you be liked to get dumped with a bunch on Ads?

1. Make a “Freemium” Android App

The Freemium model is the most successful model that can generate much larger amounts of revenue from ads from your free Android application. However, it’s more difficult to implement it. Freemium apps are free apps that offer additional services or benefits in exchange for a surcharge . This category is generating more income in the various app stores:

  • iOS 69%
  • Android 75%

freemium in app purchaseThe success of this model is that users are more likely to spend money on the application once the user likes the app after using it for free. But the risk of this model is especially in gaming. If we make a free application to play but impossible to finish without paying then it may cause frustration for the users. So the key to this model lies in generating attractive purchases .
The Freemium model is recommended for high volume apps downloads such as the case of Dropbox, Spotify and Farmville etc.

2. Advertisements – Best way to Earn from Android Apps

Advertisements are always the best way to make money online and especially if you have a good app which is downloaded by millions of people all over the world then assume the CTR(Click Through Rate) which that app would be getting from the smartphone users. There are several kinds of Ads which can be used with the Android app and I’m listing out few of them here:
Interstitial Ads
The Ad which will cover the entire screen while using the application and this could be shown at any point of time while the user is accessing the app, This one is so annoying to the user but still it could generate good income to the developer. is one such site where you can sign-up to request a full size ads.
Banner Ads
Banner ads are served on a mobile app which is connected online and basically this Ad can be displayed above or below the display of the screen. Banner ads are far better to the Interstitial ads based on the user experiences. More than 70% of the smartphone users feels in-app Ads are disruptive. and are the best Ad networking sites.
Push Ads
When the user is not using the application the ad will be sent to the notification tray of the user. this is more common with games in Android. This is one good way to monetize your app and is a good Push notification Ad network.

3. Sponsors for your Android application

Developing a viral Ad will lead to a sponsored Ad where one of the advertising sitting in front oh his desk would approach you after seeing your app getting viral on the play store. If you are getting millions of download then the number of sponsors would increase for approaching you to make a Ad deal with them. Other than that if you’re making an App which will be relevant to some product then you can directly approach them for providing sponsors.

4. Subscriptions

The next option to consider is to charge a monthly or annual subscription for the services offered by our app. Yet this is too green. We don’t know any of the applications that uses this system, so today it would better manage subscriptions externally through the Web and offer Android App for free. These are the most obvious choices, but surely others will be at least those who can make a difference and make you really make a living from this.
If you’re going to have a newspaper or magazine portal kind of Android apps then you can make use of this subscriptions system to monetize the app.

Bonus Websites to Monetize your App.

1.AdMob – Owned by Google.
2.Adfonic – You can control the Ad displayed.
3.AppFlood – 0% commission for the Ad network.
4.AppSpot – Make money within 10 minutes.
5.ChartBoost – Best for games.

Conclusion :

Everyone who wants to live life with application development should optimize the Ads well and for this we must engage with the users who are using your application and ask them for suggestions and points to improve your app performance. To do this, the key is that our application must be attractive and original. Without that we have nothing, but despite that we might fail if the system is chosen wrongly for monetizing.

How To Extend The Battery Lifetime For Android Phones

One of the major drawbacks in using an android mobile phone is the poor battery lifetime that leaves the users with a great disappointment.Most of the batteries today will no longer last for more than a day if it is being used heavily.Eventhough most of the high reputed manufacturers like sony,samsung and htc tends to provide a better battery backup it still remains as an unimplemented task.This post will reveal some minor tweaks and changes that will help to extend and maintain the battery lifetime for any android mobile.

extend battery

Tips to Extend the battery lifetime for android mobile and tablets :

    1. Display Brightness : Brightness is the first major issue that eats up the battery on an android device.While watching a video,dialing a number,typing a message,playing a game,each and everytime the display is being used the battery gets discharged quickly as the amount of brightness is huge.By Decreasing the brightness level on the screen will save more than 30% of the battery usage.To decrease the brightness level follow the below steps.
      1.Open the application drawer from the home screen.
      2.Select the settings menu and move to the “display” submenu.
      3.Click on the brightness and decrease it to the lowest possible value.


  • Background Process : Eventhough an application is closed after being using,they are not ended completely instead a small background process will begin to run inorder to make the application to be accessed quickly for the next launch.Many number of background process running on the device will consume more amount of battery and the battery gets drained quickly.


Restricting the applications from running behind the scene can help the battery to stay longer.The background process in an android device can be completely stopped by the below method.
1.Open the app drawer from the homescreen and click on settings.
2.Select the Apps menu and navigate to the “running” tab.
3.Click on a service and press the stop button to end it.


  • Live Wallpapers : Having a fancy and attractive live wallpaper on the android screen can make the mobile to look stylish but at the same time will take the battery’s lifetime.Any kind of animation and moving images on the wallpaper can affect the performance of the device along with the battery.



  • Disable Services : There are many services in the android mobile which will take up the battery’s life even when it is not active.Such kind of services can be disabled manually bu the user to prevent them from sharing the battery.


Connectivity Services such as GPS,Data Traffic,Wi-fi and Bluetooth can be disabled when they are not used.To do so launch the settings menu and turn off the unwanted services manually.


  • Homescreen Widgets : Filling the entire home screen with widgets and application shortcuts will use huge amount of the processor and degrades the performance and simultaneously reduces the speed of the android device.If a processor is very busy in scheduling the entire time for the widgets on the home screen then when a new process is started,naturally it will consume a lot battery as the load for the processor has started to increase and so avoid keeping all the widgets on the homescreen.


Tools To Increase The Battery’s Lifetime For Android Phones :

  1. Task Manager :

    Task manager consists of all the details about the running task,cache memory and several useful information that is involved with the android device.These tasks can be managed and maintained properly with the help of task manager to increase the lifetime of battery.There are several popular task managers available on the market but i would suggest “Go Task Manager” which is a very useful application that every android phones must have.It provides a separate options to kill the general services and the system services.Download Go Task Manager from here : Download

  2. Task Killer :

    Task killer is a powerful tools that allows the users to kill all the unwanted services and helps in preventing the android device from consuming a lot of battery.The task killer that i use on my android device is “MT Task Killer” which helps me to kill all the unused application that are running in the background.Though it might not be a best task killer i consider it to be the one on my device.

  3. Widgetsoid :

    Widgetsoid is a small application which will allow the android user to keep the frequently used widgets on the notification bar itself.This allows the user to quickly turn on/off any services such as wi-fi,bluetooth,flash light etc and so that there is no need to keep all the widgets in the home screen.Download Widgetsoid

Improve battery lifetime by Invert Rendering:

The foremost reason for the battery to get drained is browsing the internet with the android mobile.Whenever the internet is accessed from the device for browsing or downloading from the web , maximum battery will be used at that time Irrespective of the browser
There is a small feature in ICS known as invert rendering which means inverting the colors on the website.It is a fact that white color on the screen consumes more battery than the black color.By using invert rendering feature these white and black color can be swapped inorder to extend the usage of the battery.To use this feature just follow the below steps :
  • Open the internet application from the application drawer.
  • Start the menu and click on settings.
  • Select the accessibility option and scroll down to click on the “invert rendering”.

Prevent Battery from External Issues :

  1. Do not over heat the battery by running many applications at a time.
  2. Do not charge the mobile after it reaches the full capacity.
  3. Allow the battery to get discharged completely atleast once in a week.
  4. Do not wash the battery with water or soap.
  5. If your mobile is a rooted one then do not overclock the processor to the maximum extent as it will damage the battery permanently.

New and Awesome List Of Whatsapp Tricks and Tips – 2014

Whatsapp is growing day by day as the most used and most favourite android,windows and iPhone chatting app. This app is not only user friendly but also has many good options to use. The app also provides enough security to the users so as to increase the number of users.Also read : How to Spy your Friends on Whatsapp


In this article, we would like to show you some Tricks,Tips and Hacks associated with the Whatsapp application.

1. Whatsapp Pranks:

Whatsapp Pranks are pretty famous these days. So how do you do it? Pretty simple. The simple prank of changing your Friend’s profile pic can be done by some steps :
1. Search for some nice creepy and funny image which can surprise or shock your friend.
2.After searching the image, make sure you resize the image to 561 X 561 Pixel dimension.
3.You need to go to the settings>SD Card>Whatsapp>Profile Pictures.
4. Here you will see your friends profile  pictures with name’s similar to their phone numbers with prefix attached to it.
5. Just Rename your new image to the same file name and replace the old image with the new one.
6. For IOS you will have to use iFunBox to do the same prank.
Try this trick and surprise your friends.

2. How to Recover Deleted Messages:


whatsapp message back up
Often times we delete the conversations or messages by mistake and we wish to recover them back, but we dont find any ways. Here is the perfect process to recover all your deleted messages in android.
1. Go to the Whatsapp Databasa Folder, SD Card>Whatsapp>Databases.
2. You can find msgstore-2014-01-04.1.db.crypt. This is the date on which it is created and the main file.
3. Rename the msgstore.db.crypt to backup-msgstore.db.crypt.
4. Also rename the date with the date you want your messages to be backed up.
5. Go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Whatsapp and click on Clear Data option which removes all data.
6. Now open Whatsapp and it will ask you if you want to restore your Backup. Click on Restore.
7. You got all your messages backed up on your Whatsapp.

You can also check for help.

3. Hiding Last Seen:


hiding las seen in whatsapp
Hiding Last Seen was not available in whatsapp in the initial days. But now Whatsapp has increased privacy and provided the Last seen options. Go to Settings>Chat Settings>Advanced>Last Seen Timestamp. You can change the people who can see your last seen. You can also like wise provide protection for your images and status.

4. Hide One Image Into Another Prank:


This prank looks like it is tough but actually is very easy.
1.Download and Install Magiapp for android from the play store.
2. You will see the following interface as soon as you open the app.
3. Now just click on the True Image option and choose your original image and then click on the Fake Image option and choose your pranky image.
4.Now after selecting your images just press Do Magic ! option and voila! its done now just share your image with everyone.


5. Hack your Friend’s Whatsapp Conversation:


Recover messages
This is similar to the first trick. You just have to get hold of your friend’s phone for 2 minutes.
1. Go to SD Card>Whatsapp>Database folder.
2. msgstore-yyyy..dd.crypt which contains the date and year the back up is created.
3.Copy paste this files to your computer and upload them to to view them online.

6. Set a Password Lock to your Whatsapp:


whatsapp pin lock
If you want to protect all your secrets in whatsapp and protect your messages, you can now set a passcode to your application.
All you have to do is download and Install Whatsapp Lock for android.
This app allows you to set a four numbered pass code pin. If anyone tries to hack your whatsapp, after a few clicks, the app clicks the person’s picture via the front camera.

The above tips and tricks are very useful to you for knowing more about Whatsapp and for its better use.

Flash Official Stock ROM for Galaxy S4.

In this article,we would like to show you the procedure for Stock ROM installation for Galaxy S4. By the Stock ROM you will be able to unroot the device and also the touchwiz interface is available. We are writing this post actually because many of the users faced trouble after changing the stock ROM which was provided in Galaxy by default.

installing stock rom in galaxy s4
Steps to Flash Official Stock ROM for Galaxy S4 Pre-Installation Information:

Before you Install the Stock ROM to your device, there are a few things which are to be kept in mind. Stock ROM will restore the default software and interface that was pre installed on your device.
One of the risks is that, all the dasa on your device will be lost and also the root access will also be lost while installing Stock ROM on Galaxy S4.

Inorder to avoid this problem, you will have to use the Root Keeper App from play store. This tutorial will help you unroot galaxy s4.

Things you need before beginning Installation:
1. Your Computer must have the proper drivers installed.

2.Your phone must be atleast 80% battery charged, so that the phone will not be switched off in between the process.

3.It is better to create a backup of the data.

4.Enable USB Debugging from your settings.

5. Download the following files:

Download Odin.

U.S Galaxy S4:
Download T-Mobile Galaxy S4 Stock Firmware (4.4.2 – M919UVUFNB4)
Download T-Mobile Galaxy S4 Stock Firmware (4.2.2 – M919UVUAMDL)
Download AT&T Galaxy S4 Stock Firmware (4.2.2 – UCUAMDL)
Download Verizon Galaxy S4 Stock Firmware (4.2.2 – VPUAMDC)
Download Sprint Galaxy S4 Stock Firmware (4.2.2 – L720SPTAMDC)
Download US Cellular Galaxy S4 Stock Firmware (4.4.2 – R970TYUFNAE)

Canadian Galaxy S4:
Download Bell Galaxy S4 Stock Firmware (4.2.2 – VLUAMDJ)
Download Rogers Galaxy S4 Stock Firmware ( 4.2.2 – VLUAMDJ)
Download Telus Galaxy S4 Stock Firmware ( 4.2.2 – VLUAMDJ )

International Galaxy S4:
Download International GT-i9500 Galaxy S4 Stock Firmware (
Download International GT-i9505 Galaxy S4 Stock Firmware (

Installation Process:
Follow the steps carefully to install Stock ROM:

1. See that you have already backed up your data.

2. Boot the S4 in the download mode, which can be done by pressing the Volume Down+Power+Home Buttons simultaneously.

3. Install the downloaded Odin Software that you installed in your computer.

4. The phone asks you for the conformation to boot into the download mode. Select Yes and let it boot.

5. Connect the device to your computer with the help of a USB cable.

6. After a successful connection, the ID:COM section will turn Blue or Yellow as shown:


7. If this doesnt happen, an error has occured. So Try again by disconnecting it and connecting again.

8. Now select the PDA option as shown and select the Stock ROM file for Galaxy S4 which you downloaded earlier.


9. You should Auto Reboot and other options should be checked as shown below.


10. Verify the settings in the images and click on the Start.

11. The Odin Software will install the Stock ROM on your devide. After the completion, the ID:COM section turns green and says PASS.


12. You have successfully installed and flashed the Stock ROM on your device.

10 Must need Android Apps

10 Must need Android Apps :

Android application developments have been increasing consistently which led the android phones to take down the sales of apple and windows products.As there are thousands of free Apps available for android platform in the market users are confused of selecting the applications to use on their android mobile.That is why i have started this post for discussing the must need 10 Android apps .
Download Links are Provided at the End of the post.

1.Astro File Manager :

android apps

One of the best file manager available for free which helps users to browse and send all kinds of contents like music,images,PDF documents and other files.You can also take a backup of your favorite android applications and send them to your friends using this File manager.

2.MX Player :

android apps

MX Player can play almost every formats supported by your mobile such as .avi,.mp4 and even HD videos.This player does not takes much of your RAM memory while playing a video which helps you to have a smooth video experience.

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3.Go Task Manager:

android apps

Go Task Manager will kill all the unwanted background process that are eating up your memory.It is a must need application for an android mobile phone.One click optimization saves your time and runs in the background to help you at any time.

4.MP3 Ringtone Cutter :

android apps

Useful especially when you need to cut only your favorite part of the music and set it as your ringtone.Doesn’t require much experience to do this, simply open the file,set the start and end of the part which you want to cut from the music , simple as that.

5.Tiny Flashlight :

android apps

If you are from India this is a MUST need application for you.Tiny Flashlight application is capable of turning on your flashlight and help you to use it as a torchlight.If you are preparing for a trekking , then now there is no need of carrying an extra torch with you.


android apps

Whenever you install an application on your android device it directly sits on your phone memory and at some point you will not be able to install more apps when your phone memory is full.App2SD can help us saving memory by moving your applications to the SD card.


android apps

Viber is a free calling service which is available to every android devices that has the internet connection.Just install this app for free and call for FREE to other android mobile who have this application installed on their device.

8.Maps :

android apps

If you are kind of person who loves traveling then this application is for you.As we already know that google has the best map built-in with them, we can make use of it using the internet connection.You can even download the maps and store it for future offline usage.Navigation using GPS points you the accurate place you are currently in.

9.McAfee Security :

android apps

Having a good antivirus is always good to keep your mobile protected from virus and other unwanted programs from damaging your mobile.Even though android is a small kernel developed from Linux , it is better to have an antivirus.

10.Winamp :

android apps

Winamp is the best music player i had ever come across which is very stable and gives out crystal clear sound.If you are comfortable with your inbuilt music player then stick with it or else give it a shot.

Download Links for 10 Must need Android Apps :

  1. AstroFileMgr
  2. MX Player
  3. Go Taskmanager
  4. MP3 Ringtone Cutter (Link removed)
  5. Tiny FlashLight
  6. Apps2SD
  7. Viber
  8. Maps
  9. McAfee Security
  10. Winamp

There are lot more applications like this which are useful and if you have any “must needed Android applications” to be mentioned just comment them below.

how to spy friends on whatsapp

How to Spy your Friends on Whatsapp?

Hello friends, So you have some friends on whatsapp? You always talk to them? But the main question arises that are they interested in you? Or just thinks you as irritating element? Well in this post I will be telling you guys How to spy on whatsapp friends? Seems remote and near to impossible? No problem, just continue reading the post and you’ll find an answer to this.

Whatstat Android app- Helps to spy on whatsapp friends.

There is an android app named “Whatstat” which helps you to spy on your friends. Whatstat is a very easy to use android app. You can get insight of your relations with your mate/friend.

Have you ever noticed that who starts the conversation first?

Ever realized that why only you have to take initials why not them?

This app will help you in knowing who has started maximum conversations and can reveal your relationship with your friends or might be so called friends. It will tell you who was online most of the time. Even you can see in a group that who has initiated the most of the conversations and who doesn’t. If you like talking to someone but rarely find them online, this app can helps you to see when was your mate online and you can catch up their time and talk to them.

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Example on how to spy on your friends

How to spy on whatsapp app friends

See above is an example of the usage of this app. As you can see above, this app tells your about

  1. how many messages you have sent to that person.
  2. It also shows the percentage of messages sent and the percentage of messages received.
  3. It also tells on what date and time they are online frequently.

Get the application from here : Download Whatstat from Play Store

In this example which we took above, 41% of messages has been sent and 59% of messages has been received which is quite fair. On the left hand corner it tell you about the history period of chat.

Now as you have seen an example you can spy on your own friends with this Android application, UPDATE: The recent version of the whatstat seems to be supported only on rooted Android phones.

how to find lost android phone

How to Find Lost/Stolen Android Mobile Phone ?

Do you ever read this idiom? Prevention is better than cure. Yes prevention is always better than cure if you wake up before getting damaged. This preface is all about tracking your stolen or losing android mobile. In these days 7 out of 10 people use smartphones and 5 out of 10 mobiles having android operating system. In some times you lose your mobile phone, it is done by you or other may stole it from you. If it is a normal mobile phone you must leave hopes but if you lost your smart mobile phone which have android operating system then there is no need to worry because it have so many mobile tracking applications which helps you to track your stolen mobile. Continue reading


How To Root Nokia X,X+,XL And Install Google Play Store

Hello friends, Here in this article I’m going to explain you about How To Root Nokia X,X+,XL And Install Google Play Store. Lets start with the introduction first. Nokia X,X+ and XL are the Android phones which was released by Nokia, and it uses their Microsoft services not Google services(Google Play Store). In Google play store we can get lot of games, applications and etc compared to Microsoft services. So don’t worry you can install Google play store in your Nokia X,X+ and XL mobiles. Let’s start the full tutorial. Continue reading

How to Block Someone’s Phone Number in Viber (iPhone and Android)?

Viber is one of the most commonly used application in both iPhone and Android phones for making free calls, texts using internet for free. Viber can make communication between two users if both of them have the app installed on their mobile phone. Installing Viber on your phone is very easy but recently many people had started to say that they are getting unwanted calls and they do not know how to block them. If you fall in the same category then i will tell you a small trick to block unwanted calls from someone’s phone number in Viber for both Android and iPhone.

Viber is also available for download from it’s official site and if you are willing to install it on your Windows or Apple computer and use it for free with Internet.

How to Block Someone’s Mobile Number in Viber (iPhone and Android)

Viber which was introduced way before WhatsApp was a great success and people started to use Viber frequently as it reduced the call charges completely. The one reason why Viber is more better than WhatsApp, Line or WeChat is because they provide their own official version that could be downloaded and installed on your computer whereas you to use Bluestacks for the other apps to make them work on your laptop or PC.
Only Way :
Remove their number and name from your default contacts app list and they cannot contact you anymore through Viber.
The main problem with Viber is that it automatically syncs all of your contacts and adds it to the Viber’s contact list. Unlike WhatsApp Viber doesn’t provides facilities to block a user bu default. But there’s a way to work around for this issue. This is a simple trick with which you can block any Viber user who is troubling you continuously.