How To Backup Installed Apps In Android Phone and Share Them

Impressed on any android application by seeing them on your friends device?Thinking of downloading it to your device?Why to waste your time downloading the application again when it can be backed up from your friends android phone and it can be shared using bluetooth.Any application that is installed on the android device can be backed up into .apk format and can be shared to anyone.

To do so you need to download the file manager which has the capability of taking backup of the application on your android phone.Some of the free file managers are Astro File Manager,Adao File Manager.It is not only used for taking backup but also it can perform other functions like viewing the files,sharing,deleting and it has inbuilt task manager,document viewer,picture manager that helps you to browse any image format.
Download the Astro file managers from this website : Download Astro

After installing it on your device simply follow the below steps to take a backup.

  1. Open Astro File Manager
  2. Select Application Backup
  3. Tick on the checkbox next to the application that you need to backup
  4. Click on the Backup Button.
Backed up applications will be saved inside /mnt/sdcard/backups/apps.They can be opened using the file manager itself.

To share the backed up application follow the below steps :

  1. Open the Astro File Manager
  2. Select “Manage my Files”
  3. Open backups=>apps
  4. Click and Hold the application and share it using bluetooth.
Method for backing up with the latest versions of asrto file manager is almost same but may differs slightly.
Note : If you are trying to take a backup of a game files such as PES,GTA etc will require internet connection to download the remaining supported files.
If you are facing problem while taking backup then restart the mobile phone and try it again.Few backed up applications may not be supported in other devices incase of not meeting the minimum required specifications.For maintaining the privacy few applications are protected so that they cannot be taken backup.

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