How to Fake a Call in Android Mobile Phone

After a long time i’m coming up with a new trick that you can perform on your Android mobile phone. If you are trying to get rid of someone for example when you are having a long conversation with your teacher or your boss and if you want to just end the conversation with them and move away from the place, then this application comes in handy for you.

fake calls in android

Fake Call & SMS application will trigger a fake call on your Android phone which will help you to get out of a awkward situation.You can get the application directly from the Google play store for free using the below link.
Download Fake Call & SMS

Setting Up a Fake CallĀ 

Once you install the application onto your mobile phone you will see this application as “Call Assistant“.
Open the application and you will find 4 options such as
  • Quick call
  • Quick message
  • Call
  • Message
fake calls in android
Quick call allows you to make a fake call quickly by allowing you to enter only the fake phone number and the time interval after which the call should be triggered.
Similarly quick message allows you to receive a fake message with the username,phone number and message detail.Click on the save button and the message would be received after the time interval set by you.
fake calls in android
Selecting call or message will give you several options to be configured.You will be using these options to make a fake calls & messages in future,set different ringtones for every calls,set images for every contacts and much more.
fake calls in android

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