How to Use of Social Networking Sites to Sell your Affiliate Products

If you are an affiliate marketing guy/gril then you must be aware of “how big” the market is, and also you must be knowing the competition you are facing to sell your products online. Social networking sites are the one big place where either a group or community of people engage often.  The one main strategy in affiliate marketing is “Sell what people need” and if you are following this quote then you must be already near to the success. I accept that there are many strategies that will work out for selling your affiliate products online but one such easy way to do is by using social networking.

Which social Network Works Well For Selling Affiliate Products ?

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook

Twitter is the best place to start your affiliate marketing strategy because you can reach out any user of twitter directly even if they are a celebrity. The main concept involved in selling your product in twitter is by answering the people’s question. There are millions of people who are willing to buy products online but still confused on how to start. If you can help them out you can easily make cash out with your affiliate network.

How to Sell Affiliate Products on Twitter ?

  1. Find a good product which you are going to sell , For example let me take the branded product “iPhone cases“.
  2. Get the affiliate link of the product which you want to sell. I’m using Flipkart affiliate as an example.flipkart affiliate on twitter
  3. Go to twitter and here’s where the trick lies. Can you see the search bar at the top ? Go ahead and search for “Where can I buy Iphone Cases?“.
    affiliate product sale from twitter
  4. You will see a bunch of people who are really asking this question on the their tweets. Now you have to just reply to their message with your affiliate link.
    sell affiliate products online

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Tips To Choose Your Affiliate Product :

If you think a product is not working then go with different product that could work for you. If you don’t have any idea of selling a product then you can search in twitter as “Where can I buy?” and you will see result where people asking for different types of products. All you have to do is get the product’s affiliate link from your network and reply to those people.

selling affiliate products on twitter

If you find irrelevant results then just ignore them and try with a new phrase by using words such as “Where can i“, “How shall i“, “how to purchase” etc…

You can also use the twitter’s advanced search feature for filtering the people or adding more words to your search phrase. You can find twitter’s advanced search here : Twitter’s Advanced Search.

Here’s one such example on how to search using advanced twitter search and you can use your general knowledge and apply some techniques to maximize the filter result on twitter.

how to search advanced in twitter


If you are tired of twitter then you can try Facebook which is also one of the best place to promote or sell your affiliate products to the people. If your’e planning to sell some huge products then Facebook is the best place but it is not that easy as it sounds.

How to Sell Affiliate Products Online using Facebook ?

Selling an affiliate product in Facebook need’s some technique and if you are only good at using graph search of Facebook then this will be a piece of cake for you.

For example if I’m planning to sell an online book for affiliate commission , say “A hacking book” from the affiliate network Flipkart then I usually follow the below steps :

  1. Grab the Affiliate link form the Flipkart store and then save it in a notepad.
  2. Go to the Facebook graph search and type in “People who like Hacking Tips and Tricks and are my friends“. Here “Hacking tips and tricks” is a page name and I used that page name because it is easy to sell products to people who are already liking hacking related stuffs. Next I want to target my friend and so i gave the query “And are my friends“. This will bring up the list of people to whom you have 50% of chances of selling those books.
    sell affiliate products online facebook
  3. You can use various queries like this on Facebook and also filter the results from the right side given option.
    filter option on facebook
  4. Say for example I want to sell a wedding ring then I would prefer to filter their relationship status to “Engaged”  or “Dating” which can give you accurate results to whom you can sell the products by convincing them.
  5. If you are planning to sell huge amount of Affiliate products like say “Batman costume” then I would advice you to go with Facebook paid promotion. In paid promotion you can filter your post reach to only those people who like “Batman” or whatever filters you like.
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