Revealing How Bloggers Build High Quality Backlinks with SEO Footprints

Are you tired of link building ? did you suck up with searching in Google for backlink’s list, Then you are in right place to find thousands of link building opportunities for your blog. This may sound wired ,but it is true ,there are over 152,000,00 blogs and websites over internet and 2 new blogs are created every second. SO why do you end up with thin link profile for your may find lists over internet ,what would that link worth if you and your competitor have the same,and usually that kind of lists would be spammed because thousands of fellow bloggers already used them.

Here I’m going to tell how to find link building opportunities by yourself  by the concept called foot prints . Let me be frank i have never searched for backlink’s list in Google after I have come across the concept of footprints .I will assure you will also not fetch in Google for backlink’s list after reading this post. Also read : Best Blogger templates for technology sites.


What are foot prints?

Footprints is the piece of phrase or sentence that a particular website consist in its script, with the help of these  foot prints. one may grab tons of backlink’s related to particular niche by tracking similar websites, it may be quite confusing ,let me explain you clearly when you start a blog you may generally starting in Blogger or WordPress  platform ,yet when you scroll down over the blog,you may see a phrase “proudly powered by blogger“.almost every webpage of that blog consist of this foot print.Now here blogger is the script platform and “proudly powered by blogger” is the phrase in the script  or let me call it tracking code. Not only the script of the platform the phrases in the third-party widgets are also helpful for link building opportunities.

How to use foot prints for finding link building opportunities

Generally we will build links from forum’s, directories  ,commenting on do follow blogs , you can build tons of links to your blog by following steps mentioned below

Step 1:  Finding out a platform  that can give you desired link

Step 2: Finding out  foot print of that platform

Step 3: running out search quires of specific foot print in Google and other search engines. finding out the link building opportunities.
SEO-FOOTPRINOk, let me go with an example everyone knows that many forums  give do follow links  now let us go through a forum which we know, it works on a particular script designed by specific company, I went through w and  scrolled down to bottom of it,look at the below picture you can find that it  was “Powered by phpbb”. Actually phpbb is a company which developed that script, with the help of this one we can find still many forums that run on software designed by  phpbb.Now just run a query in Google search that powered by phpbb now you can find tons of forums that run on phpbb script.

powered by phpbb seo   Google Search

You can find tons of footprints in Google  for forums,directories and many more,almost finding every type of link have a query.

Enjoy building ton’s of  backlinks to your blog, now what do you say is link building difficult part of SEO ?i f you have any doubts comment below I’m going to reply to all your comments  as soon as possible

Soon Coming up with a tool for building high quality backlinks using  SEO footrpints.

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