Best Ahrefs Alternative Tools for Backlink Analysis and Building

Backlinks play a vital role in ranking any of the blog even though after many updates, Google reduced it’s importance and added other ranking signals. Backlinks still has the vital role in increasing page rank, Moz rank and used for better keyword ranking. Generally backlinks are categorized into two types do-follow and no follow but our main intention is to get do-follow Backlinks to our blog. The important thing is we need to analyse Backlinks from time to time to prevent negative SEO on site and spy on competitor’s links to boost up your rankings. Still many of the bloggers cannot afford the cost of Ahrefs, we have come with the best alternative tools which are similar to Ahrefs.

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#Cognitive SEO-cutting Edge SEO tool.

Cognitive SEO is one of my all time favorite  tool. It has many key features in bound link analysis, link management, SERP  tracking. The best part of it is collects link reports from majestic  SEO, SEO MOZ, Ahref’s, SEO kicks and Blekko.

It has many advanced features like showing backlink snap shot and finding hidden  java script links. Itcan spy on your competitor link building strategies and tell you that what kind of links works best for you.Cutting Edge SEO Tools   cognitiveSEO

#Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is one of the best alternative for backlink analysis. The plans range from 30-250 pounds. It gives you tons of information like top backlinks and referring domains , top pages etc. When you click on a particular tab it gives more information and also it has many locations like fresh index, historic index.

Fresh index gives you the data of the last 30 days and the historic index gives you the complete data. You can find top pages area which shows the title URL and AC rank (indicates how important a page is based on the no.of referring external domains).Majestic SEO   Backlink Checker   Site Explorer

#SEO Moz Review

SEO MOZ gives you complete set of tools campaign based web apps, set of SEO tools, and full access to the open site explorer. The pro kit gives you link building , competitive analysis keyword research, on page optimization and social media Monitoring.ahrefs-alternatives

#Rank Signals

Rank signals is one of the best free tool for people who cannot afford these premium tools. It is ten times far better than tools like Backlink watch. When you analyse your competitors Backlinks, it shows which is  hot and also you can get the basic information about the Backlinks.ahrefs-alternatives

#Open Link Profiler

Open link profiler is one of the best tool which gives you around 2,00,000 fresh links per website. It gives in-depth analysis of  live Backlinks and it allows you to download your Backlink data upto 1000 links In free version. It has many options like you can check the URL source link influence score, type of industry you get Backlinks from, anchor text of the Backlinks and the date on which the links are added. It is my all time favorite free link analysis   The freshest backlinks. For free.

So, I had mentioned the best tools which I know by ignoring the small crap tools like backlink watch and if you know still any better tools just comment below so that it may help newbies.

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  1. Great collection of tools out there. Best article I’ve found for building backlinks over the entire Google searches.

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