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Recently I have started a simple project on calculating the Google page rank based on few factors and finally made an algorithm that can calculate what will be your Google page rank in the future. When I was trying for few online already existing tools which can do the same task i found that they lack some information somewhere. Finally me and my team decided to make this tool as soon as possible and it has been already done. If you’re not aware of what is Google page rank then you can do a quick Google search to find it out.

Note : This page rank predictor is almost accurate but not precise so don’t start to fight in the comments section by criticizing this tool.

Future Google Page Rank Predictor

Using this tool is very simple let me put in in bullets for you.

1. Go to http://www.techfishy.com/Google-pagerank-predictor/  because the tool is located there.

2. Type in your website’s URL in the text field. You can type in with http , without http or even if there are spaces between the domain by mistake the tool automatically fetches your website URL properly.

3. Click on the predict button and you must see your future page rank at the bottom.

futre page rank calculator tool

It has been said that Google updates it’s page rank twice for every year and so this tool will be helpful to predict it before Google updates you.

How to Increase Your Page Rank using Backlinks

If you find your website is low in PR then there are few steps you can take to increase it.

1. Increase the number of backlinks that are pointing to your site.

2. Read this article on Building Quality Backlinks to Boost Page Rank.

3. The above two points are more than enough to improve your PR.

But still there are more factors behind the calculation in the tools which are considered as a very less portion of the algorithm. If you want any tools to be developed by me and my team then leave your requests in the comment section.

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