Revealing the Secret Behind Google Future Pagerank Predictor Tool

Google ranks each and every website with a Pagerank starting from 0 -10 based on few criteria(mostly backlinks) and Google will release their update twice for every year. I’m not sure why Google hasn’t released their update for this year(may be Mr.Matt is busy in zoo for finding an Animal name for his next update). So Recently I developed a tool which can calculate your Google Pagerank and you can take a look at this tool here :

Many of my readers have been asking the logic behind this tool and thus I’m revealing the secret behind it (because there’s nothing to hide). So Everyone are eager to know what’s going on behind the future pagerank predictor tool?

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What’s Going on Behind this Tool?

It was scripted in a way to take the site’s

  • Current Pagerank
  • Moz Domain Authority
  • Number of Backlinks

When you type in a site and click on the big green button the code searches for your current page rank. Next the site’s current Domain Authority will be fetched from Moz and also the number of backlinks will be taken along with it.

When all the details are fetched successfully the code will calculate like if your site’s domain authority is = 40 and pagerank is equal to 4 then your pagerank will be your Domain Authority/10 that is 4. If DA = 40 and PR  < 4 then your page rank will be (DA/10 )+ 1.

If the site’s DA > 40 and current PR > 4 then it calculates the backlinks to predict your pagerank. The calculation is not 100% perfect as calculated by Google because they consider a lot of factors to give a rank to a site. Initially my tool had few bugs and I’ve fixed them later.

We will come to know whether the tool works perfectly only if Google releases it’s next pagerank update.

API’s used for Predicting the Pagerank :

  • Google Pagerank checker API

Languages used for Creating this Tool :

  1. CSS – Big button and texts
  2. HTML – Forms and other tags
  3. PHP – API’s

Many people felt a boost in the page rank using this tool and that’s only because your domain authority got increased.

Conclusion : Having a lot of high quality backlinks will improve your Page rank and thus you can use your PR to get good number of sponsored posts, reviews.

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8 thoughts on “Revealing the Secret Behind Google Future Pagerank Predictor Tool

  1. Hey Rajesh nice article I was wondering about the algorithm used to create such a wonderful tool I must say this is a smart tool using a very smart algorithms good work cheers!

  2. Cool Man
    I was curios since you have launched this tool.
    By the way it is really a great tool for the bloggers and internet marketers to predict the future,
    Akshay Makadiya

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