8 Tricks to Increase your Google Adsense Revenue (CPC)

Most of the bloggers come into the blogging industry with a mind set of making huge cash every month. Ofcourse, Adsense will be their first target to concentrate on for their first income. Almost 80% of the bloggers would have earned their first income from their website via Google Adsense only. Google’s Adsense is a gift for the one who knows to use it properly but it turns into a disaster when you try to manipulate them in greediness.

Most of the bloggers who own a Adsense knows the pain in getting it approved but, that was years back. Google loosened it’s approving policy as I see lots of new bloggers get Adsense approved for their blogs which is not even a month old. In this article let me show you how to increase  your Adsense revenue by using few tricks but don’t worry they are 100% white hat.

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8 Trick to Increase your Google Adsense Revenue

If you log into your Adsense dashboard you can notice the term CPC which plays the major role in your income. Technically Cost Per Click (CPC) means for a single user click how much you are going to get paid by the advertiser. If the CPC is more then your income will be more and that’s why I’m sharing few of my tricks which I was using on my site to increase my revenue from Google Adsense.

1. Selecting the Niche and Keyword

If someone has written a blog post on increasing then you can see this title would be on the #1. Because the keyword you are going to select has more importance in increasing your CPC.

For example if i have two site say one is “technology” and the other is “health“. Assume that if  I’m getting same traffic and clicks for both the blog then for sure my heath blog will be earning 5 times more than my technology blog. Because “Health” Niche has more CPC than most of the Technology keywords.

So where can you find the CPC for each and every keywords? Using Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool you can easily find how much CPC does a keyword has.

Below I’m leaving a screenshot which shows how much CPC a particular Keyword or Niche has.

get high cpc in adsense

Final touch is : Select a Highly searched Niche and if you already have a site on particular niche then you need to write posts for those keywords that have high cost per click.

2. Selecting the Ad Placement Wisely

Most ignored part in a website is Ad placements. I’ve seen lot of blogs which will have the same Ad placement for years without even making a small change. Frankly speaking that’s bad because your Ad placement affects your revenue badly. If you are not going to place your ads properly then you will be loosing your visitors from clicking the Ads.

So what’s a good Ad placement would look like ? If it was 2009 I would have suggested you to place Ads on the top and right side bar with an additional Ad unit on the Starting of the post because during those periods all the websites had the same layout. So if it works for the one the remaining can follow the same.

But it’s 2014 where each and every website has different layouts and structure. 100’s of templates are being released on a day and there’s no one except you who can find the good Ad placement.

Trial and error method is the only solution for this. Do experiments, for a second look at your site as a visitor then now thing where was your eyes going at first ? Was it on the header? or on the Main column ? Then place Ads at those places which will improve your Adsense revenue.

Final touch  : Ad placement doesn’t relate with CPC of an Ad but wait. Google isn’t providing the same Ad unit for all your Ad units. So try to reduce the number of Ad units and that will force Google to show you only high CPC Ads.

3. Block the Ads That are not Earning Well

You cannot totally control the Ads being displayed by Adsense but still you can tweak it a little to display only particular Ads that are performing well on your site.

Google stated that 

It’s a myth that filtering ads can prevent ‘low-paying ads’ from appearing, so as always, we recommend blocking only those ads that you feel are unsuitable for your users.link adsense with adwords.

But still its not good to believe Google every time.

  1. Log into your Adsense dashboard and click on “Allow & block ads“.
  2. Move on to the “General Categories” and take a look at the ads that are not performing well.
  3. In my case “Apparels” category impression rate is more than my earnings rate. So I’m blocking it.

increase adsense CPC

 Final touch : Note that you can see a small % of increase in the revenue after doing this step. Every drop counts and so do not skip this step.

4. Selecting a Responsive & Custom Ad for your Site

Do you know that you are getting half of your visitors from mobile version ? Yes. and that’s the reason why people moved to responsive templates and now it’s time to move on to responsive Ads.

Responsive Ads are easy to create and they change the size according to the screen size automatically. I hope you know how to create a responsive Ad. There’s one more trick which i used personally to increase my revenue is that converting the custom sized Ads to responsive Ads.

Final touch : Visit this article to know how to make custom Ads as responsive Ads.(Labnol) and see the increase in your earnings.

5. Get Visitors from Foreign Countries.

Do you know that countries like USA, UK, and western countries like Canada, France, Germany has more CPC that any other countries? and Countries like India, Malaysia, Pakistan has very less CPC so try to get foreign visitors.

100 clicks from India for an Ad is equal to 5 clicks from Uk and USA. To get visitors from these kind of places you can target Stumbleupon and Reddit because these are the sites where you can find lot of foreign visitors.

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6. Try Link Units and Color

I’ve experienced on my site few years back that Link Ad units performed better than those square or any other Ad units according to the terms of CPC.

But nowadays people are very clever. If there’s a menu kind of bar with 5 links then they would easily guess that’s an Ad. So try to use the same color as your theme color so that it gets easily merged with the theme.

7. High PR site? High CPC

I’m not sure whether it’s a myth or truth and even though there’s no official statement from Google that they will provide high CPC for a good PR site.

Think once why would Google display cheap Ads on a extremely well performing site ? Will the site owner accept those Ads? No, ofcourse he will simply switch to other Ad network or direct Ads. So Google has kept it as an secret so that people shouldn’t run behind page ranks.

8. Integrate Adsense with Analytics

Have you ever checked which post is getting more Ad clicks ? No, right ? There’s a beautiful option in Google Analytics that you can easily your Adsense account with it and check which post is performing well regarding Adsense.

First you need to integrate with Adsense and only then the option will be available in your Google Analytics. Once you’ve added then you can see the performance as shown below.

increase adsense revenue


You can find Adsense under Behavior tab in Google Analytics. Check which post is earning more and try to write similar posts with good CPC.

Conclusion :

If you’re using only Adsense to monetize your website then I would suggest you to practice all the methods which I’ve given above and still if I’ve left any method then let me know in the comments. One small advice is that try to avoid other Ad networks or any other affiliate product banners as Google might go against those Ads. Getting an Adsense is more easier than Maintaining it from getting it banned so use it wisely.

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  1. Awesome post Rajesh, The best part of the post is disabling ads which are not performing well. I have disabled some ads on my blog hoping to see a small increase in adsense payment

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