Increase traffic to your website over night

How to increase traffic to your website over night

Increase traffic to your website over night.

drive traffic to your websiteΒ 

Wondering how to increase traffic to your website over night?Getting lots and lots of traffic to your website can help you in many ways.If you are a professional blogger then you would have known the difficulties you had faced earlier in order to drive and increase traffic to your website.There are tons of websites growing around the web every day and you cannot compete with them by having some good contents alone in your website.There are several other things you must do if you are willing to stand out of this crowd.Do not worry this is going to be simple , take a deep breath and we are ready to go.Follow all these ways to get a steady traffic but if you want to increase traffic to your website over night just skip the first feature and follow the second one alone!!!

Key features to increase traffic to your website :

  • Write Quality contents in your website.
  • Promote your contents to the audience.
  • Maintain your website properly.
  • SEO plays an important role in traffic.
  • Guest Posting gives an additional value.

Write Quality contents in your website:

drive traffic to your websiteΒ 

Writing quality contents in your website does not mean that you have to steal good posts from other websites and put it in your blog.Readers are all around the world but bringing them to your website is in your hands.Readers always wish to read something new and fresh and that is what you must provide them.A reader hunting for a topic if lands on your website the first thing he is going to note is the content.Write relevant content based on your topic.If you are going to write about a review on a movie then you must provide the maximum details that you can give it to them with relevant pictures.Do not try to deviate the readers to a different topic and make them feel worse for wasting their time on your bog.This makes a bad impression on your blog.Keeping your post compact is another key point you always have to keep in your mind.You can always make the readers to wait for the important content of your topic that will make the readers to get eager but stretching a simple topic to make it as a big one will only make the readers angry.

Promote your contents to the audience:

boost traffic to your website

Promoting your contents to the audience is the second step you must follow in order to increase traffic to your website.There are several ways to promote your website but the top traffic drivers are Social networks!If you want to increase traffic to your website in over night then you should have an account in all of the following networks.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google plus

    Facebook is the largest social network with millions of users.Join as much as possible communities and friends related to your niche and start to share your posts in all of the communities.Believe me this will drive traffic like a hell.Create a Fan page for your website and connect it with your website.
    Twitter is the silver spoon for every blogger and website owners.It can give you committed readers for your blog regularly which allows you to maintain consistent traffic everyday.
    Google plus is a fantastic network , we can say it as a tool that can produce you large amount of traffic from Google.Find thousands of bloggers with your interest and add everyone to your circle.But do not add everyone in a single day because Google may treat you as a spam.

    One more Supreme way that you need to know for driving traffic to your website.Create an account in all of the following social bookmark sites that will help you to boost traffic to your website over night.I have arranged them in the decreasing order based on the amount of traffic they can produce in a month.

    1. Stumbleupon
    2. Digg
    3. Reddit
    4. Slashdot

    Stumbleupon is my favorite , i have experienced thousands of visitors stumbling my articles from that site over a night.It has many good readers around the world.
    Digg can amazingly produce large amount of traffic if you can place your post on their home page.unlike Stumbleupon,Digg has to be initiated from many people to place your post on their home page.
    Reddit is quite different.Though it can drive a small amount of traffic compared to Stumbleupon the visitors from Reddit makes lots of comment on your blog and make your website very interactive.
    Slashdot is another Social bookmarking website that has the ability to drive quick traffic to your website for a good quality content.

    If you own a photography blog then Pinterest will be very useful to drive traffic to your website.
    If you own a video blog then Youtube can produce you endless traffic everyday.

    If you are a kind of person who is wishing to increase the traffic with less effort and energy within a short period of time then start to share your posts on the above mentioned websites and see the effect immediately.

    Maintain your website properly :

    maintaining website to increase traffic

    Maintaining your website is a necessary work that your website needs.No one will like to sit in a class that is a full of mess.Treat your website as a class room where lots of readers gets educated and acquires knowledge.Keep your template as simple as possible so that it must not be a pain to the visitors.Keeping dark colors like red,green as the background will irritate the readers so if you are trying to make your website as a professional one then make the background to either black or white.If you are displaying ads on your website then do not overdose it or else the readers will get annoyed by seeing your website.Post regularly and maintain the regular readers or else you will lose them.Maintain a good relationship with your readers by responding to their comments and treat them as your guests.There are lots of online tools available for free to control and view what’s going on in your website.One of them is Google webmaster which is a great tool to maintain your website .

    SEO plays an important role in traffic :

    proper seo to boost traffic

    SEO refers to search engine optimization that helps you to increase traffic to your website.There may be many things required for a website to get a better ranking on the web but the most important one is SEO.SEO helps you to get better ranking on Google and it is a vast topic that cannot be covered within this post.Higher your page rank lesser the effort needed to make it to come up on the first page on Google.There are lots of e-books available for SEO , so grab one and improve your sites optimization.WordPress blogging is the best platform for blogs with auto optimized templates and contains several SEO tools.If you are still on a blogspot then it is time for you to change to wordpress.

    Guest Posting gives Additional Value :

    guess posting pagerank

    One of the biggest mistake the bloggers do is neglecting the value of guest post.If you write a guest post for a good PR website they will provide you with a backlink which will point towards your website.Once you start writing guest posts for websites with high page rank then automatically your blog will get more quality traffic and also it helps to boost your website’s page rank.A website with highest page rank will be displayed in the first page of google and eventually your traffic will increase within a quick interval of time.
    Also accept guest posts only from other bloggers who have good quality content.If you accept guest posts which is very bad in content and improper SEO construction then you will be penalised by google’s penguin and panda algorithm update.Always remember not to post guest posts in poor websites that will lead you to be penalized and also your page rank will be decreased.

    I hope this post would have conveyed you the ways to increase traffic to your website.

    If your site has increased its traffic by following the above method then just share your experience in the comment section.

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