Best Online HTML Editor and Encoder for Web Developers & Bloggers

These days web development and web designing are trending among the youngsters who are coming out of their engineering and considering that we planned to make an useful online tool for them. As a result we ended up making a good HTML editor  which will be very useful for the programmers & website developers and also a HTML Encoder which is a must needed tool for every bloggers. I will be telling you how to use those tools for your website or your blog.Even though there are many good website builders such as the 1 and 1 website builder we are also trying to help the website developers from our side. 

Best Online HTML Editor for Free

Online HTML editor is a simple yet powerful tool to check your codes online. It does support HTML, CSS and Javascript which can be executed with just a click. People who are newbies can use softwares like Dreamweaver or Notepadd++ but still this tool is sort of portable because it is available online. You can use it from any system if only internet connection is available on it.

First of all the tool is located here : Online HTML Editor. Go to that site and you must see something like the screenshot below.

online html editor

You can add all the Javascript and CSS on the top and your HTML codes comes following them. Once you are done with your code click on the “Preview” button to view the output result. The output will be displayed on the right side pane of the tool. If at any point you are trying to delete the code just click on the “Clear” button and boom all are gone.

Best Online HTML Encoder for Free

Online encoder is a tool which converts the symbols like “<,&,>” etc. The reason behind doing this is that when these inputs are directly given in the templates then it is a headache for the web to execute it and it throws error. For this reason we can simply use the computer understandable codes for these symbols and make the site run as expected.

Mostly in Javascripts and Ad codes these symbols creates confusion to the code and encoding this can make the code clear for the computer. In order to use the tool you have to go to Online HTML Encoder website.

online html encoder


You have to input your code on the top for which you have to encode it. By default the “Escape” options is selected and as you keep typing the encoded output will be displayed at the bottom of the tool. If in-case you need to decode the entered code then you can copy the encoded code on the top and select the “Unescape” option and the decoded code will be shown below.

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  1. Another awesome tool from imran bro and you. This is really very helpful for all newbies and and also for experienced blogger.

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