Best 10 Responsive SEO Optimized Free Blogger Templates

Being said that Blogger templates are customizable only upto a certain extent, I’m bringing you here the top 10 responsive blogger templates with best features with unlimited customization. I’ve seen many bloggers working hard towards their “niche” blogs and to make your work easier, here I’m going to give you all those required templates which was already personally tested by me. If you’ve missed out my recent post for Boosting your Adsense income then have a look at it.

The templates have the following features :

  1. Responsive to Mobile.
  2. Search Engine Optimzation(SEO) friendly
  3. Highly customizable
  4. User friendly
  5. Faster loading time
  6. Less page size
  7. ADS optimizable for high CTR
  8. Social sharing buttons
  9. Easy Footer link removal
  10. Structured well for Google bot crawlers

Best Responsive SEO Optimized Free Blogger Templates

I’ve tested the speed, loading time, page size, user experience and the total performance based on two online tools Pingdom and Google Page Speed Insight. I’ve ignored all the creepy website’s out of the list and specified only the best themes especially for technology kind of websites. If you’re looking for a template for magazine or news kind of website then this list is not for you.

I’m not going to give the entire description for each and every website because you can know more about these templates by just looking at the screenshots.

#1 – Accent Box Responsive Template

Home page of the template : 

AccentBox responsive template


Google’s PageSpeed Insight Test Result : 

accent box insight

Pingdom Performance Test :

accent box template pingdom


Download the template here:[sociallocker] Accent Box [/sociallocker]

#2 Bootstrap 3 Blogger Template

Home page  :

Bootstrap 3 Blogger Template   Blogger Template Demo.

Google’s PageSpeed Test Result : 

bootstrap template insight

Pingdom Test :

bootstrap template pingdom

Download [sociallocker]: Bootstrap 3 [/sociallocker]

#3 Runo Lite SEO-Optiomized Template

Home page of the template :

Runo Lite seo optimized template

Google’s  Insight Test Result : 

runonlite template insight

Pingdom  Test Result :

runolite template pingdom

Download  here[sociallocker]: Runo Lite [/sociallocker]

#4 Minimum Theme Mobile Friendly Template

Home page :

Minimum Theme responsive template


Google’s Test Result : 

minimum blogger theme insigt test

Pingdom Performance Result :

minimum blogger responsive test pingdom

Download template here[sociallocker]: Minimum Theme [/sociallocker]

#5 Groovy NBT Template 

Home page of the template :

Groovy responsive template

Google’s Speed Test Result : 

groovy template insight

Pingdom Performance Test Result :

groovy template pingdom

Download this template[sociallocker] : Groovy[/sociallocker]

#6 Balance Responsive Fast Template

Home page of the Blogger Template:

Balance Theme responsive

Google’s PageSpeed Insight Test Result : 

balance template insight

Pingdom Performance Test :

balance responsive pingdom

 Download  template[sociallocker]: Balance[/sociallocker]

#7 WPEX SEO Blogger Template

Home page of the template :

WPEX Blogger template

Google’s PageSpeed Insight Test Result : 

wpex template insight

Pingdom Performance Test :

wpex pingdom test

 Download it here[sociallocker]: Wpex[/sociallocker]

#8 Geeks Gadget Mobile Friendly Template

Home page of the template :

Geeks Gadgets theme

Google’s PageSpeed Insight Test Result : 

geeksgadget insight

Pingdom Performance Test :

geeksgadget pingdom


 Download  here[sociallocker]: Geeks Gadget[/sociallocker]

#9 Colored Free Responsive Blogger Template

Home page of the template :

Colored template for blogger

Google’s PageSpeed Insight Test Result : colored insight

Pingdom Performance Test :

colored pingdom

 Download template here[sociallocker]: Colored[/sociallocker]

#10 Spike Responsive Template for Blogger Platform

Home page of the template :

Spike template free download

Google’s PageSpeed Insight Test Result : 

w2tspike insight

Google’s PageSpeed Insight Test Result : 

w2tspike pingdom

Download the template[sociallocker]: Spike[/sociallocker]

How to Upload these templates to your Blogger website :

  1. Go to your Blogger dashboard and log into your account.
  2. Select your blog for which you need to change the template.
  3. Move on to the “Template” tab.
  4. Before uploading the template click on the “Backup/restore” button and download your current template.
  5. Now upload it

 Conclusion :

Usually Google considers a website speed as a factor for search engine page rank and that’s not it because based on your template there are many factors that will affect the SERP like responsiveness, Ad optimization, user friendly structure and many more. You can blindly any template above because all the templates work fine with blogger and they are free to download as well.

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19 thoughts on “Best 10 Responsive SEO Optimized Free Blogger Templates

  1. Great Post Rajesh Bro..
    These templates are much different from other posts..
    All other blogs are having same templates…so they are just waste of time..
    Good Work..

  2. Really impressive collection of themes, I will consider these themes when at the time of creating blogging sites for my clients. thanks for this great resource.

  3. Thank you for sharing above awesome templates. I used groovy template, but I have issue to add related post link with thumbnail. I already try to put code below foot-line and also try linkwithin pluggin but not successful. Can you help me? thanks in advance.

  4. i have downloaded spike template.i applied it for my blog.i had a small problem.Images of the posts are not displayed on home page,just post name is me solve tjis

    1. Awesome Post Rajest Bro..
      I have seen many other blogs which are having similar templates.The above mentioned templates are totally different and hence Good work bro

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