How to Rank a Zero-Content Site with SEO (Musics, Video blogs)

Search engine optimization is one of the mysterious topic all time, it has evolved a lot since the release of Google’s algorithms Panda and Penguin. The title of post is SEO for zero-content site and doesn’t it sounds wired? You may think a while that how to optimize a site with no content. Yes there are few white hat tactics with which you can optimize a zero-content site.

Let me tell you the complete scenario with an example. One of my friend owns a music blog, it’s an absolutely zero-content site. It may have very few lines of content like “latest movie xx full songs free download”  but still that’s  the maximum content we can find in any music website. Many of them are now aware of optimizing this kind of zero-content website and so today I’m writing this article.

Link building for a zero-content site

how to rank zero content site

Zero-content site would be generally a music blog ,video blog , an e-commerce site. Now let me discuss link building for this kind of site. Take the example of the music site and what are all the possible things we can do for optimizing it for search engine? Content and backlinks are the two vital components of SEO for any blog. What content can you expect from a music site? I think it could be a small description about crew and cast team and the second one is backlinks.

  • Music blogs: Try to get backlinks from audio sharing sites, we never use them generally for our SEO but this is enough easy to get backlinks from them. All you need is to create a small audio clip and upload in those websites and you can get your backlink’s  in artist profile.

Audio sharing sites list :

  1. (PR6)
  2. (PR7)
  3. (PR5)
  4. (PR5)
  • Video blogs: Building links to a video blog is similar to that of music blogs, just create  piece of video and upload it in the video sharing sites, You can toggle over Google for do follow video sharing sites list.

Note: you can also build links From my previous post “Link building using foot prints“.

  • E-commerce: The best article for “E-commerce link building“. Another best method for link building is writing a paid post on other blogs. It’s an old method and if Google catches you then you will  be out of the game. But there is a white hat SEO technique  for it, just write a post on other blogs “top 10 music websites all time” and mention your website among them. Give every website a do-follow link and it creates a citation flow.

What exactly citation flow is? When a webpage refers your website along with some authority website, some amount of trust and authority is flown into your website in Google’s eyes. This is absolutely the white hat SEO method for zero-content site. I’ll let you know more about citations in my next post.

I said you earlier in the post build profile links by uploading music from audio sharing websites, you may get links from few audio sharing sites but never ignore sites which doesn’t link back to you. Just you link back to them and this  creates an impression in Google’s eyes that you belong to same niche and your site is trusted one as you are linking back to authority sites.

  • Increase user interaction signal: Just offer your content to user by asking them to make some kind of comments or ask them to share on social media.

These are the few methods for SEO for a zero-content site and if you have any doubt over the topic just comment below I’m going to answer it for sure within the less time. If you know any other methods then comment below and let others know through your comments.

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3 thoughts on “How to Rank a Zero-Content Site with SEO (Musics, Video blogs)

  1. Hi Vivek…
    This is one of the best post I have ever read…
    I have one question in my mind….that can we rank some Geetings and SMS sites ?
    If you could tell me some ways to rank them, then I will be very thankful to you.

    1. Hello bro, For example if you want to rank your “Love greetings” then find authority sites which already wrote the concepts of love like lifehacker and link back to them with a dofollow link which allows the citations to flow which will bring your site some authority!

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