5 Interesting Firefox Browser Tricks

Firefox is one of the best browser which enables even the slow network users to browse with the fullest speed.Most of the firefox fan’s must already knew that there are several tricks that one can perform and in this article i will make you aware of the 5 interesting tricks that you can do within firefox.Most of these tricks which i am going to list down below are not really famous but they might be more useful at some situations.If you are a chrome fan then i had already posted about the 5 interesting Google chrome tricks earlier.

firefox browser tricks

5 Interesting Firefox Browser Tricks

Trick 1 : View Page in 3D

3d view
I found this trick very interesting in firefox and i had decided to share it with my readers.Firefox 3D view allows you to see the webpage in a 3-Dimensional view. If you have the latest version of firefox then you are good to go.To open the 3D view select the firefox button at the top left and navigate to Web Developer => Toggle Tools.From the window displayed at the bottom select the 3D icon from the right side just as shown in the below image.
It is mostly used for debugging and web developing but i used to play with this tool when i feel bored.

Trick 2 :  Carry your bookmarks,history,add-ons,passwords wherever you go.

bookmark history synchronize

The most interesting feature of firefox browser is that you can synchronize all your bookmarks,history,add-ons,passwords… to your e-mail account and they can be accessed from any computer.

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To enable synchronize open the firefox then go to tools => options => Sync.
Choose setup firefox sync and click on create a new account.
Fill in all the required details and proceed to the next window.
Finally your e-mail account will be sync’d with the browser.

Trick 3 : Private browsing without leaving your trace

private browsing

Private Browsing in firefox allows you to hide your traces on the internet such as your browser history,search history,cookies and temporary files…Both firefox and chrome allows private browsing and to know which browser is better then you can check out this post : Which is better,Firefox or Chrome?

To browse in a private mode just press ctrl+shift+p from your firefox browser and you are done.

Trick 4 : Profiler

developer option profiler

Profiler is an inbuilt tool which has been provided by the firefox for the purpose of developers.While you are browsing the internet you can view each and every javascript that are running behind your browser.

To open the profile click on the firefox button on the top left and select web developer => profiler .
Now you will be displayed with a new windows at the bottom and click on the start button to start profiling.Meanwhile you could browse for the webpages you need to profile and click on stop button.A list of javascripts will be shown which your browser has used during the web search.There is a small arrow button available at the end of the javascript which when clicked allows you to view the script.

Trick 5 : Place bookmarks on the bookmark toolbar for quick access

Have you ever wondered how to place all of your favorite bookmarks on the bookmark toolbar.It is possible in firefox and the bookmark toolbar is the bar below the navigation toolbar.
Whenever you bookmark a site using the star button it saves the bookmark to the unsorted list.But to push it to the bookmark bar we have to click the start button once again and from the menu appearing just change the folder to the bookmark toolbar as shown in the picture below.
bookmark toolbar folder
It is also possible to create a folder on the bookmark toolbar and place all your favorite sites inside that folder.
These are the few interesting firefox browser tricks that i had found useful to be shared with my readers and if you knew any other firefox browser tricks then you are always welcomed to post it in the comment section below.
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