5 Interesting Google Chrome Browser Tricks

Google chrome has conquered the top position of the browser by competing with Firefox and Internet explorer and this article is about the 5 interesting Google chrome tricks which will be very useful for the regular chrome users.

5 Interesting Google Chrome Browser Tricks

Trick 1 : Incognito Window

Google chrome lets you to surf privately without tracking your browser histories,search histories,cookies etc.This chrome trick doesn’t need any effort ,by simply pressing ctrl+shift+n incognito window can be opened.Also Read : How to speed web cam nile up Firefox Browser.

But using incognito window is not recommended for online payments and other online transactions as it is not safe and websites with malware might easily aquire your information as well.

Trick 2 : Pinned Tab

Pinned Tab is a simple trick in Google chrome which allows you to pin the tabs inorder to compress the size of the tab and as a result more tabs can be added to the browser without squeezing them together.
To pin a tab right click on the tab and select “pin tab” and the tab must be reduced into an icon as shown in the above image.

Trick 3 : Task Manager

Task manager in Google chrome is the best feature that makes chrome to be unique.In other browsers such as Firefox the tabs are compiled into one in the process and if something goes wrong on one tab then entire browser goes down whereas chrome provides separate process for each tabs.
The task manager gives complete information about the tabs and their respective memory,process ID etc,This trick is simple to open a task manager right click on an http://pleasantvalleysanctuary.com/myn-extreme-india-sex-site/ empty space on the top of the browser and select task manager.

Trick 4 : Synchronize Bookmarks

It is possible to carry all your bookmarks,history,settings,themes and passwords to any computer/laptop which has an internet connection.
Type chrome://settings/ on your browser’s URL and sign in with your Google account.Now click on the synchronize and from the advanced settings tick only those elements that are needed to be synchronized.

5.Inspect Element

Inspect element is the most advanced feature of Google chrome for web developers to know the codes behind a web page.For example if i needed to know where a image has been stored in a particular web page then i must select the image and right click => inspect element.
Now i can see the link of the image where it has been stored free online sex comedy movies any even i can see the other CSS Styles.Hope all these Google chrome tricks helped you and if there is any trick missed in the above article then let us know by posting them on the comment section.
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