Firefox vs Google Chrome,which is better ?

There is always a question on everyone’s mind about “Which browser is better ?firefox or chrome”.In Reality we cannot predict the best one out but we can compare their advantages and disadvantages over the other.There is nothing wrong if you support for Firefox or chrome as you may be a fan of it but before making any decisions let us quickly compare the browsers.

Firefox vs Google Chrome :

Speed : First and the most important thing that everyone seek is for the speed.

Firefox includes inbuilt hardware acceleration support that makes the multimedia components inside the webpage to load faster and it has an Excellent support for HTML5.

Whereas Google Chrome also includes hardware acceleration and HTML5 support but what makes it differ from other browser is its Instant site prediction and loading feature which is not seen in firefox sadly .Once you start typing in the name of the website you want,chrome completes loading the site before you finish typing.

Security and Privacy : Next thing after speed is security.

Google Chrome offers more security in malware detection and Phishing protection.Chrome also helps you to protect the information you share online.

Firefox is very secure with its pop-up blockers and protection against the malwares over the internet.It does not provides the client-side tracking which is seen only in Internet Explorer.But it has got the Master Password feature which allows you to secure the stored passwords inside the browser whereas chrome lacks this feature.

Performance : This makes the difference

Firefox browser is very much efficient in handling the multiple tabs.It clubs all the tabs into a single process which consumes less process but if anything goes wrong in one of the tabs then you have no choice but simply close the entire process.

Google chrome handles tabs in a different way where a every time a new tab is opened a new process will be created so if one of your tab is not responding that particular process alone can be closed.

Interface : looks and design

Firefox is simple,cute and provides lots of space for the website that makes it very powerful in its interface quality.

Google chrome window is streamlined,clean and simple.For example, you can search and navigate from the same box and arrange tabs however you wish quickly and easily.

Additional Features : Both have their own unique features.

Google chrome provides built-in support for flash videos and pdf documents which is not present in firefox and google chrome has lots of plugins which make chrome more user friendly.

Firefox provides several add-ons and Greasemonkey scripts which makes the browser more famous.Even though it lags in some features like built-in support for flash and pdf documents they can be externally added which is not considered as a big issue.

Both the browsers provides mail synchronization features and so you can open your bookmarks and other personal stuffs from anywhere.

Conclusion :

Even though i am a die hard fan of Firefox i am sad to tell you the bitter truth that the Google chrome is changing the way of internet browsing and i have seen many firefox users who are migrating towards chrome slowly.I am neither against Firefox nor Google chrome and if you have any points from your side you can comment them in the comments section below.

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