uTorrent for Google Chrome Extension Download

It’s now possible to manage all of your torrents from the Google chrome browser itself via a simple extension. uTorrent is the best torrent client available in the market and if you aren’t aware of torrents you might have a look at the Torrent before getting into this article.

Download utorrent faster

Download uTorrent for Chrome

Go to the Download link and download the uTorrent extension.
Open your previously installed uTorrent client from the desktop and select “Option” => “Preferences
Move on to the “Connections” tab and note down the port number which we will be using it later.
utorrent for chrome
Navigate to the “Web UI” tab located under “Advanced” option and Enable Web UI. Type in a username and password and finally click on “OK” button.
download torrent from chrome

Configuring uTorrrent on Chrome Browser

Click on the uTorrent icon on your browser or go to this Link.This would open up the configuration page on Chrome.
  1. Let the language be “English”.
  2. Enter the host name as “localhost”.
  3. Fill in the port,username and password that you had already noted down.
  4. Keep the SSL as “Disabled” and click on save.
torrent download on google chrome
You have successfully configured the uTorrent extension for Google chrome browser.Whenever you are about to download a torrent link just right click on it and select “Remotely add this torrent”.This would save your time.
If you need to check the downloading torrents or if you wish to pause or start a torrent then you can do it directly from your chrome browser directly by using the extension.
utorrent browser chrome extension
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