5 latest facebook tricks you might not know 2012

latest facebook tricks 2012

5 Latest facebook tricks you might not know 2012:

1.Merge your profile and timeline picture :

2012 fb tricks

This is very simple facebook trick but powerful way to make your facebook profile attractive.Just go to this website :Facebookapp and select the one out of four effects available and see how your timeline image and profile picture gets merged.

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2.How to hide your friends list from everyone:

This Facebook trick is to hide your friends from your parents or friends or anyone.Facebook itself provides you an option to hide your friends list from anonymous users and even from your friends too.To do this go to your friends list and click the edit option at the top and select the option “only me”.

2012 fb tricks

3.How to Download Entire photo album from Facebook :

For firefox users download this add-on first : AlbumDownloaderforFacebook , it doest requires restart.Once you download it go to your album and right click on it and you should probably see a new option called “fluschipranie’s download”.Click that and select a base name for your photos and click okand this facebook trick works like a charm.

2012 fb tricks

4.Type With different fonts in chat:

This trick works not only in facebook but for all websites.To impress your friends and your dear ones try typing with different fonts ℓιкє тнιѕ , lเкє tђเร ,1!k3 7h!5  oɹ 1ıʞǝ ʇɥıs.Go to this website: NameFunk and type the text in the box.Copy the desired style and paste it in your facebook chat box.

5.Remove those annoying ads from facebook on Firefox :

Since facebook has become the place for advertisers to publish their ads in the large extent it has become a very irritating thing for the the users.To remove those ads , just download this greasemonkey script from here : AdCleaner. If you dont have greasemonkey you can get it from here : GreasemonkeyForFirefox.
This facebook trick works only for firefox.

2012 fb tricks

Thats it and if you have like these latest facebook tricks leave your comments below .

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