How to Auto Post Happy Birthday Wishes on Facebook Friend’s Wall

Facebook is the number one social network which is connecting millions of users worldwide and it is the best platform to share videos, pictures and messages with your friends securely. Facebook provides many features such as poke, message, write on wall etc and here you will learn how to wish birthday to your friends automatically by scheduling the wishes earlier onto their Facebook wall.

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How to Auto Post Birthday Wishes on Facebook Friend’s Wall

Go to the website BirthdayFB and click on “Connect with Facebook“. It would ask for permission and you click on “Allow” the app to access your profile so that it could post wishes on behalf of you. – source –
Move to the “Write a Message” tab and you can write different messages for every friends and schedule it earlier and save it. There are few templates for wishes and you could use one of them to save your time if needed. Once it is saved your friends will automatically receive a wish on their wall from you and that’s all because of that cute app.
You can cancel a wish at any time by navigating to the “Scheduled Messages” and clicking on the “Remove message“.
This is a simple trick to wish your friend on their birthday even though if you forget their birthday. Stay updated for more posts related to Facebook tricks.
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4 thoughts on “How to Auto Post Happy Birthday Wishes on Facebook Friend’s Wall

    1. Having lot of friends is always fun 🙂 So keep wishing them using this ! I used to remember to wish most of my friends but in case if i forgot then this tool comes to play 😉

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