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Facebook ranks first among the social networking sites with a total population of 1.11 Billion users. Facebook works hard in every aspect to keep it out of the crowd and this would be the main reason why Facebook stays top on the list.In this article i’ll let you know about building an attractive Facebook fan page for yourself.

facebook fan page

Build an Attractive Facebook Page

Facebook allows their users to create fan pages for free.If you are a regular user of Facebook then you might have come across several pages but not every pages attracts you.So in this tutorial let me briefly explain you how to create an attractive Facebook page so that a user would be convinced of liking your page.

Steps to Create a Facebook Page

First of all let us build a Facebook page ,then we will involve in the steps of making it attractive.I’m providing the minimal steps for building the page as i neither want to waste your time nor mine.
    1. Go to
    2. You will be provided an option of 6 categories out of which you will have to choose the relevant type of category that will suit to your page.The categories are
  • Local Business or Place
  • Company,Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist,band or Public Figures
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community
  • Once you have decided the suitable category for your page,select it and give it a name.This name would be your page’s name so give it a sensible name.Remember the name is going to be your page name which is visible on the URL.
  • Click on the “I agree” check box and click on the “Get started” button.
    facebook fan page
  • Time to make it attractive.Now give a brief description about your page in a way that will please the visitor to like your Facebook page.For example in my case i had created a page for a writer and named the page as thiruvalluvar.So my descriptions must look something like “I’m one among the old writers who had written the epic book named “thirukkural” which preaches the moral of life,simplicity and truth throughout the book.“This kind of description does makes sense and attracts the visitor to like the page immediately.
  • Followed by the description fill in your website name and click on “Save info” button.
    facebook fan page
  • Selecting the profile picture is one of the important task you need to be careful with.Upload a perfect picture which loos eye-catchy.
  • The next step is to add your page to favorites.Just click on “Add to favorites” so that it will stay on your favorites tab.
  • Click on the “Skip” button on the next screen where it asks you to promote your page.
Your Facebook page has been successfully created and we are few steps away from making it more attractive.
Meanwhile you shall like your Facebook page.If you don’t then who will ? Now Facebook will request you to invite your friends but we will do this later as our page still looks plain and something has to be added to it.

Adding Attractive Cover Photo to your Facebook Page

Now it’s time to upload a attractive cover for your page.Adding a beautiful cover picture always attract the visitors.You can use Google for searching good cover images.Keep in mind that the width of the cover image must be 850px and the height must be 315px.You can also create innovative cover images by reading this article on faceboook tricks you might now know.
When you are done editing your Facebook page the output must look something very attractive like the below screenshots.

Thiruvalluvar Faceook Page Used for the Example.

facebook fan page

Techfishy’s Official Facebook Page .

facebook fan page
It’s always important for every Facebook page to have a good profile picture and cover picture as this shows your interest towards your page.When you just ignore to set images for your Facebook page then people might think that this page was created as a time pass stuff.
Having a beautiful content is equally important for a page to become popular.But if you are a kind of person who is willing to increase your Facebook’s fanpage likes over night then read this article on increasing Facebook fanpage shortcuts.


There are several reasons why a user must have an attractive Facebook fanpage and one main reason is that when you have a good facebook page with thousands of users connected with your website then, it will improve your website’s traffic and drive you a lot of quality readers.If you don’t have a website then you can start your free website now.
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