how to disable the " seen " feature in facebook chat

disable seen feature in facebook chat

How to disable the "seen" feature 
in facebook chat :

Since the release of google plus , facebook had started to add plenty of new features for their social networkers which includes timeline,app store etc.Few days back facebook has added a new feature in their facebook chats which notifies the person when their friends have read their message.This is really annoying isnt it ?Let us see how to disable facebook from Displaying the “Seen” message from chat box.
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How is facebook really capable of 
doing this ?

There is an AJAX script that is running behind the browser whenever you open facebook.It can read the time you have read the message and intimates the person with whom  you are chatting.So the only way to stop facebook from reading the time is by blocking that php script.

For firefox users :

  • Download the BlockSite plus plugin from here : Firefox Addons
  • Then go to tools > options > extensions.
  • Click the options button in Blocksite plus and paste in below URL and select quick add.

block facebook chat seen feature
  • Everytime you open your browser just add this and you are done.Now your friends will not know when you have read their message.

For chrome users :

For other browser users :

We have already discussed a post on how to block a website manually without the help of any software.
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Paste this code : instead of in that post.

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