How to see online friends in facebook chat being offline

How to see online friends in facebook chat being offline

Recently facebook have introduced a new concept , that is we can change the current status to offline only to individual people instead to everyone.

But our topic here is to see who are all the friend’s online , being offline in facebook chat by using a simple application.

This application runs in your profile and shows the current online friends without making you to appear online.

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I went through the comments sections and noticed that there are plenty of doubts regarding this application.So i have decided to type below the entire steps and also i had put a screenshot of the application below.

  1. Log into your facebook profile and click on chat settings.
  2. Select “turn off chat” for all your friends.
    Screenshot :
  3. Go to this website Newonlinenow and add the application.
  4. You can see your friends who are online.
  5. This trick is working fine (look at the date in the screenshot)
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This is how it looks :

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