How To Find Fake Profile In Facebook

Finding fake facebook profile is not that easyBesides being a social network facebook is a serious threat for your personal information.More than 1000 fake profiles are being created each day and it is hard to find them too.It is very important to check a profile before you add them into your friends list.There are few things you may need to check in a profile to identify whether the profile is fake or not.

The Profile Picture :

  1. You have 50% of chances in finding whether a profile is fake or not by just checking their profile picture.
  2. A fake profile’s picture will mostly be a photo of a sexy or a hot girl.
  3. Check whether they have more than one picture of them as fake users will mostly have only one Picture in their profile.
  4. Fake users will not upload a picture posing with their friends.
  5. If you doubt you have already seen the image somewhere else then check if the picture is in someother profile by just just Dragging their profile picture into the search bar of google and google finds you the exact match of the image with their details.
Image search Looks like this
The Profile Information :

  1. Firstly fake users wont have any information on their profile , it would be empty.
  2. Check the date of birth as it will be mostly like “1/1/91” as fake users are lazy to think and type them.
  3. Fake users will have irrelevant schools and location.
  4. Most of the girls(good girls) on facebook won’t have their phone number visible in their profile information and if you see the number on their profile then there is a chance of it to be a fake profile.
  5. Check their likes and community.
  6. Fake users won’t have proper mail id.
  7. Fake users won’t have time to play games on facebook so they wont have any game applications on their profile.
 The Friends List: 

  1. Fake profiles will have more friends in their opposite gender and those friends will have no relation between the other friends in their profile.
  2. Check the date the profile was created and jf the profile has to many friends in a short span then it is more likely to be a fake profile.
    Note The Activity :

    1. Fake users will accept bulk requests on a single day.
    2. Check the news feed of the profile as fake profile users won’t post or update anything instead they keep on adding friends to their list.
    3. If the profile has many links shared whit catchy words those may lead you to a phishing page,so be aware of clicking on any suspicious links.
    Conclusion : 

    If you get a request from an unknown profile then think twice before adding them to your profile.So unless you are sure about a person do not add them.
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