Get the New Facebook News Feed Update Now without Waiting

Facebook is working around its new update which is available through Facebook Feed (if lucky) . They are trying to bring down the extra elements which causes the page to look bulky.You would have noticed that the view on both the mobile phone and the computer is more or less similar.Go to the above link and scroll down to see the “Give it a try” button and click on it. Once you are done you might see that the text inside the button changes to “You’re on the List!”.

Also have a look at the other Facebook tricks that you might not be aware of.

new facebook news feed update without waiting

If you are lucky you might see the latest design live on your browser as soon as you click on that button.But i’m a kind of guy who wants to try out everything before it’s been released and so when i was searching for it guess what? I had found an amazing chrome extension that could replicate the entire latest feed news update of Facebook.

Getting the New Facebook News Feed Update with Chrome Extension

Get the chrome extension from the below link and add it to your browser.
After you install this extension refresh your Facebook page and you will see a start up screen that you might have to ignore it.
chrome extension for facebook news feed update

What’s new in the Update ?

Customized as in mobile view with the chat box placed on the bottom left.
fb update latest news feed download
Feeds which has photos are displayed like the way we used to see in the mobile phones.
latest news feed fb update grab it
I knew this extension wouldn’t give you full satisfaction but it’s worth to give it a shot.If you can’t resist yourself from getting it then download this immediately else you can wait in the queue till Facebook officially offers you their update. 
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