List of Facebook tricks collections

Best and latest list of facebook tricks colections of 2012.Do not miss it

Techfishy has already posted many tricks on facebook and this post is a collection of all the tricks we have seen so far.As we are in the ending of this year a quick recap would make you remember all the facebook tricks.

1.How to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently :

Deactivating the facebook account is different from deleting the account.Once your account is deleted it cannot be re-activated again.To delete the facebook account permanently click on the below link and follow the simple procedure.

2.How to Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes :

Facebook is adding several new features for the page owners which can make you more popular on facebook and also can bring more traffic to your website.To know how to increase the facebook fanpage likes in a short period of time read here :

3.How to Delete Anyone’s Profile From Facebook :
Do not use this trick to avenge your friends and i am not responsible for your actions.
Facebook will delete an account which is reported as spam by more than 25 users.
All you need is a facebook page.If you don’t have one create a page and we are going to create an event in that page with the following details.
Event name : Stop facebook fake users
Details :(copy the link of the fake user)
            Step 1: Go to the above link and report block.
Where:(Choose a relevant place)
When:(Select a starting and ending)  
Now its time to invite your friends for this event.Invite from 20-30 people and your job is done.You could also offer them some price for this event.

4.How To Find Fake Facebook Profile :

The most difficult thing on facebook is accepting a friend request having a doubt whether it might be a fake one.It is easy to find a fake profile and to know more about it read here :

5.Download Facebook Videos : 

Downloading a video from youtube,metacafe and other sites are easy but in facebook it is not that easy.So to make it easier go to this website and paste the link of the video and click download.
6.Five Great Tricks On FB You Might Not Know : 

  1. Merge profile and timeline image
  2. Hide your friends list from everyone
  3. Download entire photo album
  4. Remove annoying ads from sidebar
  5. Use various fonts on status
See this post to know about these 5 great facebook tricks

7.Three Chat Smiley You Might Not Be Aware Of :

Type these symbols on your chat box to see the like,dislike and mid finger symbols.

  1. [[midfing]]
  2. (y)
  3. [[disliker]]

8.Emulate Google+ Circle On Facebook:

Similar to goolge+ where you add friends on the circle it is also possible with facebook to drag and drop your friends in the circle.Read the full post about it :

9.Forward Chat Messages Without ctrl+c and ctrl+v :
Facebook provides an option to forward the a single click.Select the messages to be forwarded and send it to any of your friends.
10.Disable the Seen Feature from FB chatbox :
Once you read a message that is received from your friend in facebook then they will be notified that you have read that message along with the time.To disable this feature follow the link :
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