Top 5 Social Networking Sites in 2013

Here are the top 5 social networking sites in 2013 based on few researches made on many social networks based on the number of users,total revenue and many other factors.Many online surfers would have known what a social network means.Basically social network is a platform where people connect to each other from various countries and share their information with the others.Many social networking sites like Orkut,Tagged are almost extinct.

Top 7 Social Networking Sites in 2013

The below list of top 7 social networking sites has been ordered in the ranking order.


The very famous social network named Facebook tops the list which was created by Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2004.Ithas mentioned that only the people above 13 must register with them.It has more than 1.11 Billion users as of now with the Alexa rank as 1 and has around 4600 employees around the world who are working for the development of Facebook.Some noticeable features of Facebook are “like,share and poke”.


Google+ is the nearest competitor with Facebook and it holds the second position among the top social networking sites.Google+ was started during the year of 2011 by Larry page and Sergey brin and it has boomed the social networking industry within a year.Google+ has half a Billion users as of now which is nowhere near to the Facebook but with continuous development google+ might takeover that postion from them.Google+ has introduced hangouts as the latest feature which we used to have in yahoo messenger like chat rooms.


Twitter is a social networking site where the registered users can type a message of words in less than 240 characters which are called as tweets and it is the famous network which has lots of celebrities.Twitter was developed by Jack Dorsey and launched in the year 2006.More than 900+ employees are working for the growth of twitter.It has more than 400 Million users worldwide and hold the third position among the top social networking sites. 


LinkedIn is the social networking site for all professionals where people can register their work and education details on their profile and share them publicly.LinkedIn has around 225 Million users worldwide in more than 200 countries.Reid Hoffman is the founder of LinkedIn and the site was launched in the year 2013.LinkedIn holds the fourth position in the list which is a good competitor to twitter.


Instagram is a image-sharing,video-sharing and social networking site which has more than 110 million registered users.It was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike kreiger during the year 2010 and then it was launched for android and iPhone recently.
Pinterest,Youtube and many other social networking sites are also active with millions of users over the internet but i felt the above are the top 5 social networking sites in 2013.
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