6 Outstanding Android Apps in 2012

6 Outstanding Android Apps in 2012 :

If you are an Android user then take a look at the below Android apps that you must have on your Android device which will make your mobile to stand out from your friend’s Android devices.
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List of Android Apps :

1.Zombie Booth :

android app

This is an excellent software that can turn your friends into zombies in a few seconds.This Android app is more realistic in converting a image into zombie.Just take a photo of your friend and open it with this software and you are ready to go.You can add lots of effects and you change the eyeballs,mouth,teeth,and other parts too.The thing i love about this app is we can Shake the phone to change the effects on the image.
Free version can be downloaded here : Zombie Booth or just get it from google play website.

2.Wave Control Pro :

android appAs the name suggests it is capable of performing actions when you wave your hand over the sensors.You can change the songs to next track,previous track or play/pause them and much more.You can also use it to attend calls , see your notifications and whatever actions you want to perform from your mobile phone.It uses your inbuilt sensor and works like a charm.Really an useful app when you want to do things just in a simple wave.

Download the android app from google play  : WaveControl

3.AnySend :

android appA fantastic android application that every android user must have it.When you want to transfer a file from one android device to another you need to depend on bluetooth and what if the size of the file is big? Here this great app comes into play.It uses the inbuilt WIFI in your device to transfer the large files which is 10 times faster compared to the bluetooth transfer.
Get it from the google play website : AnySend

4.SpeedView :

android appAmong several Android apps that allows you to calculate the speed while you are traveling,speedview is the best Speedometer compared to all.This will use the Inbuilt GPS system to calculate accurate speed in which you are moving by using the satellite communication.It does not require any internet and it has a cute compass to show you the directions.

SpeedView Android App is available in google play for free : SpeedView

5.PhotoSpeak :

android appPhotoSpeak App is one of the best iPhone App which is now available for Android mobile phones.All you need is your friends photo in your mobile and this wonderful Android app can convert the image into 3D and make it to speak whatever you want.Set the eyes and lips on the image at start to sync them with the app and record a voice and play it to see the image in action.

For free version get it here : PhotoSpeak or just search in google play website .

6.Shaking Shortcut :

android appThis Android application is very simple but powerful.Use it to launch any application installed in your mobile phone by just shaking your device.You can set several kinds of shakes and relate it to open the particular Android applications.Set the sensitivity setting to control the speed of the shake.A great app for someone who are interested in trying out new stuffs.

Get the app from google play website : ShakingShortcut(Link removed)

If you have used anyother interesting applications, just post them on the comments section and let the others know about it.

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