How to Find Lost/Stolen Android Mobile Phone ?

Do you ever read this idiom? Prevention is better than cure. Yes prevention is always better than cure if you wake up before getting damaged. This preface is all about tracking your stolen or losing android mobile. In these days 7 out of 10 people use smartphones and 5 out of 10 mobiles having android operating system. In some times you lose your mobile phone, it is done by you or other may stole it from you. If it is a normal mobile phone you must leave hopes but if you lost your smart mobile phone which have android operating system then there is no need to worry because it have so many mobile tracking applications which helps you to track your stolen mobile.

Of Course android mobile itself doesn’t have any pre-loaded mobile tracking applications. So we need to install them on our mobile phone to prevent mobile theft.

How to Track Stolen/Lost Android Mobile?

There is no default setup in android mobile to track or recover when it getting stolen by others. So we approach some powerful anti-theft android applications to get our mobile back. Even you can find you mobile phone by just knowing the IMEI or finding by GPS of your Android mobile phone.


Prey is the most popular anti-theft application which supports all operating systems include so many flavors of Linux. They provide two types of accounts one is prey and another one prey pro. Prey provide free application which can handle up to 3 devices and with prey pro you can access more than 3 devices, it have 5 different plan. To track your mobile first you need to install it on your device and create one account from prey website. First you need to create one account on prey website either free or professional. After creating account you need to add new device by downloading and installing from prey website.

prey anti theft

Features of Prey Application:

  • You can find your mobile through geo location using both GPS and Wi-Fi networks.
  • It takes pictures of the person who are using your mobile with front and back camera.
  • Using remote control feature you can trigger alarm even if it is in silent mode.
  • Lock your device using remote control to prevent it from unwanted intruder.
  • It gathers network information that your device connected right now. It detects active sim card changing and uninstall protection will be there.
  • If you add some other trusted numbers at the time of installation then you can manage your stolen mobile with those mobiles also using sms activation.
  • You can get more features on prey pro plan like unlimited device tracking, sending information through ssl encryption.

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Anti-Theft is another software which is provided by popular antivirus software company AVAST. Actually they provide anti-theft protection on Avast mobile internet security but this application give more features compared with that built-in feature. To get information about your stolen device you need to install it on your mobile. Some features may not worked on non-rooted mobile phones.

avast anti theft

Features of Anti-Theft:

  • By using this application you can track your lost phone with the help of GPS and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Most of the people have confidential information likes passwords, so you can wipe all data from mobile with remote control function.
  • You can control your mobile phone through avast web-based interface, alternatively you can control it with sms function. To do these all things go to this link and login into your account.
  • You can also setup sim card change notification to another device.
  • After completing installation it remotely capture images secretly and record all sounds from near surroundings.
  • There is one unique feature stealth mode automatically hides this application from your phone to prevent uninstallation from others.
  • You can remotely lock device and make an alarm sound, send an on-display message to the phone.
  • There are some other premium functions like Geo fencing, password check, remote data retrieval which are available to premium users.

Also Read Android Apps to Trace Lost Mobile Phone 

Wheres my droid:

Wheres my droid is a unique application which allows you to track mobile phone by using nearby networks. It gives a Google map link with gps tracking if you are not near to your phone. It also provide two types of plans one is for free and another is professional.

wheres my droid

Features of Wheres my droid:

  • You can also find your mobile by making a ring or using GPS location.
  • There is a feature called GPS flare which gives alert when the mobile works on low battery.
  • Password protection is available to prevent application from unwanted users.
  • It gives a notification to you when anyone try to change to sim card or phone number.
  • Stealth mode hides incoming text which comes from attention word.
  • You can get more features with pro application which are not available on free application.

Android Device Manager:

Here is another good one to track your lost android mobile,Android device manager is a simple and effective application to track and access your android mobile using remote connection.By using this application you can locate android devices which are associated with your Google account.The main good thing about this application is it primarily focus on getting location of your stolen mobile.

android device manager

Features of Android Device Manager:

  • You can set alarm to ring loudly when it will be lost in shopping malls,cinema halls etc.
  • You can reset your mobile screen lock pin remotely.
  • Once if you enable this application then you can easily track all devices which are associated with your google account.
  • If your mobile has confidential information then you can wipe those all data with a single sms.To work with this setting you need to configure in this application.

There are so many android mobile tracking applications and almost have same features,if you want more features then go with premium versions of these applications to locate your lost/stolen Android phone.

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