How To Root Nokia X,X+,XL And Install Google Play Store

Hello friends, Here in this article I’m going to explain you about How To Root Nokia X,X+,XL And Install Google Play Store. Lets start with the introduction first. Nokia X,X+ and XL are the Android phones which was released by Nokia, and it uses their Microsoft services not Google services(Google Play Store). In Google play store we can get lot of games, applications and etc compared to Microsoft services. So don’t worry you can install Google play store in your Nokia X,X+ and XL mobiles. Let’s start the full tutorial.

Things should follow before rooting your Nokia x

  • Charge your Nokia mobile minimum 70% why because it doesn’t run out of charge while rooting.
  • Backup all your important data’s like contacts etc.
  • Enable USB debugging by simply Settings -> Applications -> Development.

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Software requirement to root your Nokia X

  • Framaroot V1.9.1
  • Nokia X_Gapps
  • Root Explorer

Steps you should follow to root your Nokia X,X+ and XL

Step 1: Download the Framaroot version 1.9.1 from your Microsoft services store and install it to your Nokia X mobile software is completely free.

Step 2: Now open that software from your mobile and you can see few options on your screen. Choose install SuperSu and tap Gandalf.



Step 3: Now you will get a message like “Success 🙂 … Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device.” like as show in the above image. Just press OK and reboot your mobile and you have root access to your Nokia X.

Install Google Play Services on your Nokia X

Step 1: As I said you earlier download the Root Explorer to your Nokia X and install it.

Step 2: Grant access to your Root Explorer application from SuperSu.

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Step 3: Download Nokia X_Gapp and copy all the application to the system and change the permission for all files like below image.



Step 4: Install all the NokiaX_Gapp apk in normal mode and reboot your system then you can see Google Play Store icon.

Step 5: Open the Google Play Store and it will ask for Google account, enter your Google e-mail id and password and get started.

Enjoy your Google Play store on your Nokia X,X+ and XL mobiles and download more application from it. If you have any doubt about to root feel free to comment.

NOTE: once you root your Nokia X,X+ and XL mobile and your warranty can be cancelled.

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