Google Offers FREE 3G Internet for Airtel Users using FreeZone

Google is well known for providing cool stuffs for free and once again Google brings us a new feature which is powered by free zone that allows Airtel users to browse the Google for free with no data charges. Not only limited to browsing but also using Google plus and Gmail is also absolutely free. From now on you could just share your pictures among your friends in Google plus with zero data usage.

Google Offers FREE Internet for Airtel Users

There are few restriction for using the internet like I’ve listed below

  1. Supported only by native browsers which means you cannot use a third party browser such as UC browser or Opera.Only your in-built browsers allows you to browse for free.
  2. Everything you search using Google is free and the the link you click from the search result page is free.But if you are moving further to any more pages inside that link then your data charges applies.
  3. Do not worry because every time you are about to move away to a non-Google oriented service then it pop’s up a warning message and alert’s you.
  4. Sharing anything on Google plus is free and there is no restrictions for that.
  5. Gmail can be used to the fullest for free of cost.
  6. This feature is not applicable for computers but only for mobile phones.
  7. Almost all the smart phones are supported to use Google’s free zone.
  8. Only Airtel subscribers can enjoy this service for free now and if you are moving from your state then the roaming charges are applicable.

So How To Use this Free Zone From Airtel ?

To make use of this valuable service provided by Google you need to have a Google account.Once you are registered with Google you can go to  and login with your Google account.Then after you can take it further.You will see a green bar hanging above the page which is to notify you that the particular page is being browsed for free.
Google can display almost anything on it’s search page itself.For example to know the money conversion just type in “Convert Dollar to INR” or you can use Google as a calculator.To know more in-depth searching in Google you can read my post on advanced Google search tricks guide.
I know you will have various questions regarding this and to know more go to Google’s official page and refer the frequently asked questions section.
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