Dealing with Certificate Errors in Symbian

Dealing with Certificate Errors in Symbian

Dealing with Certificate Errors in Symbian

Note: This method may not work for some softwares such as HelloOX as the certificate obtained as shown below does not have advanced privileges

There are many occassions in which the following error shows up (Really annoying)

This is because the application you are using is unsigned or the signature has expired. Well there is a fix to it. you can sign the application yourself.

To do that you need to have a Cetrificate and Key. 
Get it from here (First you’ll have to register with an OVI mail account e.g: . Unfortunately you cannot use any other emails. Login and go to ‘Development Certificate’. 

  1. Add your IMEI number.
  2. Then click on Download Certificate option on the right pane.
  3. Extract the CER and KEY to a folder.
  4. Now you have the Private Key and Developer Certificate..
Download the SIS/SISX Application Signer.
For PC (Sign the apps from your PC) : OPDA’s POT Sign Tools
For Mobile (Sign them in your mobile) : Free Signer

Very well then. Now the stage is set for you to sign your apps.

Signing from PC :

  1. In the ‘Sing_Unsign SIS tool’ tab, click on Add Sis files.
  2. Select you Unsigned SIS file.
  3. Click on CER button and select the certificate you obtained .
  4. Click on KEY button and select the key file you got.
  5. Click on ‘Sign Sis files’
Thats it ! Your SIS files would have been signed. Transfer them to the mobile and install.

Signing from your mobile :
  1. Copy the certificate and key files to your phone.
  2. Install Free Signer.
  3. Open it.

  1. Select Settings. 

  1. Select the certificate and key files correspondingly.
  2. Select ‘Add a Task’.

  1. Select the file you want to sign.
  2. In Options, Select ‘Add’.
  1. Select ‘Sign Sis’. And then ‘OK’

  1. Select ‘Options’ and then select ‘Go!’

  1. After the progress bar is complete, your application would have been signed.

Crazy hell!!! Thats it ? All is done ??? Yeah… You’re correct…. Now you can install the application just like the other ones…. 🙂
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