Flashing Nokia phones with Phoenix

Flashing Nokia phones with Phoenix

Flashing Nokia phones with Phoenix

Hey guys. Now we are going to see how to flash Nokia phones with the help of Phoenix software.

There are two phases in flashing your mobile:

  1. Downloading the firmware required for your mobile.
  2. Flashing the mobile with the downloaded firmware.

1. Downloading the Firmware :

To download the firmware for your mobile we are going to use a software called NaviFirmEx (does not require .NET framework). You can also use Navifirm or Navifirm+ (Both require .NET framework). 

Download NaviFirmEx 1.5: 
Download NaviFirm+ 1.3 :
Open the NaviFirmEx or NaviFirm. Here I use NaviFirmEx for demonstration and I download firmwares for my N8:
Note : Internet Connection Required
  1. In the Products text box enter the name of your model. (Here in my case N8)
  2. In the Releases text box choose the latest version. (Do not downgrade your firmware. This will lead your phone to a dead state )
  3. Next, in the Variants text field, enter the variant of your mobile. you can find this on the sticker in the battery or anywhere on your phone’s back side. But if you do not find your variant listed in NaviFirmEx, just download the firmware for any other variant. (No problemo)
  4. On the right pane, select all the files those are starting with RM-XXX. Sometimes other optional files may be present. If you want them, you can download them as well.
  5. Click on ‘Add to Download Task’ button.
  6. The firmwares will be downloaded.
  7. Place the downloaded files in a folder named ‘RM-XXX’. See next to the model name. Here in my case it is ‘RM-596’.
  8. Thats it. Downloading part has been complete. 
2. Flashing the Mobile:
  1. For flashing your nokia mobile you need something called Phoenix. You can download it from this blog : http://phoenixslayer.blogspot.com/
  2. Install Phoenix.
  3. Open phoenix.
  4. Now place the folder RM-XXX in the folder C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products.
  1. In phoenix, go to File -> Scan Product.
  1. You will see Ready state in the status bar with your mobile’s model and variant information
  1. Then go to Flashing -> Firmware Update
  1. In the appearing dialog box, click on Options :
  1. Select the ‘Mem. Card Content’ type file name and click on ‘Delete’ and confirm the deletion. Then  press OK.

  1. Click on Refurbish button. 
  2. A warning dialog box will appear. Ignore the warning and continue the flashing.
  3. Flash will start and during the flashing, do not disconnect the mobile.
  4. After flashing is complete, the phone will be rebooted.
  5. At last, a dialog box will appear stating successful flashing and some warning. Click on OK
Thats it guys… Flashing Complete. Your mobile will be like a new one just as purchased from the store (only the software)
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