What are the Top 5 mobile phones in 2011

What are the Top 5 mobile phones in 2011

What are the Top 5 mobile phones in 2011

Hello Mobile Lovers.If you are interest in Buying a New Phone This year then read the below post and buy a product that best fits you.

These are the below listings for the top 10 mobile phones in 2011.
1.Samsung galaxy s2 :

Operating system : android 2.3 gingerbread
CPU : dual core Arm cortex aa9
Display : 4.27 inch AMOLED
Camera : 8MP(back) , 2MP(front)

Bluetooth 3.0 , 16gb internal memory and 1.2 GHz dual core processor

The dual core processor and AMOLED technology makes the phone super fast for multiple applications and Camera recording in 1080p gives the crystal clear resolution .There is no doubt it has got 1st position in the ranking.

2.iPhone 4s :

Operating system : iOS5
CPU : Dual core 1000MHz A5
Display : 3.50 inch Capacitive, multitouch Screen
Camera : 8Mp camera(back) 0.3 VGA(front)
Bluetooth 4.0 , 16GB/32GB
512 RAM

It is one of the most expensive phone available in the market .Dual core processor makes the phone fast but no dedicated support for flash in internet browser , voice recognition is really good and There are few drawbacks in iphone4 but This is the right cup of tea for Apple phone lovers.

3.HTC Sensation :

Operating system : Android (2.3.5,2.3.4) candy bar        
CPU : Single core , 1500 MHz
Display : 4.70 inches with capacitive touch,multitouch
Camera : 8MP(back) 1.3MP(front)
Bluetooth 3.0 ,768 RAM

This product was the best one among android phones by HTC , HTC watch service provides opportunity to view as well as download an entire movie.It is the Cheap budget phone with great technology.But they are no match for apple’s smartphone.

4.Sony ericsson ARC S :

Operating system :Android 2.3 gingerbread
CPU :1.4 GHz processor
Display :4.2 inches with LED capacitive touchscreen
Camera : 8.1MP (back)

Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP+EDR
512 internal memory

The hardware is extremely impressive both in terms of looks and performance.Most addictive look makes users to stick to this phone though it has some flaws.Thin body makes it comfortable to fit inside pocket.3D panorama mode makes the phone an additional feature.4th position for Sony ericsson For its sleek look and Overall performance.

5.HTC Desire S :

Operating system :Android (2.3.5,2.3.3) candybar
CPU :single core ,1000MHz
Display :3.7 LCD screen
Camera :5MP(back) 0.3(Front)
Bluetooth 2.1,768MB RAM
1124 MB internal memory

HTC desire s is compact and attractive with improved sense experience.
Though Camera is 5MP it is a low budget phone to offer tons of features , which boosted this mobile to reach the 5th position.Smoother design and pocket compatability with advaced software upgrades and clear music experience .

The Remaining phones That Competed in the List are :

6.Sony ericsson Xperia Ray
7.BlackBerry Bold 9900
8.HTC Incredible s
9.Black berry curve 9360
10.iPhone 4
11.Sony Ericcson Xperia Mini / Mini Pro
12.Google Nexus s
13.HTC cha cha
14.HTC wildfire
15.Motorola Artix
16.LG Optimus 3D
17.Samsung Galaxy Ace
18.Samsung Galaxy s

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