12 Vintage Addictive Games from 90’s for Windows

Everyone loves game,who doesn’t ? Getting addicted to games are common for people which started at the period of Nintendo games,May be even before that.I’m one of a kid from 90’s who had been crazy on few addictive games on windows during those days and even now.I would like to introduce those games to you as well with the help of this post.I’m not taking about the Facebook games and if you are the one who hates Facebook games then read here for Blocking a facebook game request.

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12 Vintage Addictive Games for Windows

1.Road Rash

Road rash is a motorcycle game in which the player participates in a violent illegal street race.The player has opponents free adult dating email as well and usually they are controlled automatically by the computer.When a player successfully wins a level the new levels are unlocked and they game goes a bit harder.Player gets money as well when he wins the game and new bikes can be purchased with it.The violent part of this addictive game is that you are allowed to purchase weapons to use them on the opponent racers.I wonder how many of them had played this game without the “cheat codes”.

2.Need For Speed 2

One of the most sold racing game need for speed was developed by Electronic Arts and it was even famous at late the 90’s.NFS 2 is a racing game which is a multi-player game that has several modes like single race,tournament and knockout.The number of opponents can be set by the player and a bonus car gets unlocked on winning the race.

3.The Mummy

The mummy game was developed based on the movie “The mummy” and ofcourse it’s one of the addictive horror game during 90’s.It has a very good graphics and gameplay where you take the vc fast dating third person perspective of the hero coffee singles instant and guide him to defeat the emperor who was reawakened by some archaeologist and you collect treasures,fight skeletons and insects on your path.

4.Fighting Force

Fighting force was released during 1997 in Windows,Nintendo and Playstation.As the name suggests it’s a fighting game where you would be given a force of 4 people and you are allowed to select one among them.All the 4 have unique special powers like powerful kick,throwing big vehicles etc.You first start this game by attacking with knifes,bottles and fist but later on you are provided guns to kick the enemies.Energy drink is available at the drinks machines which will help you to regain your health.


Re-volt is a car game where you control the toy cars and lead them to win the race.Additionally you can collect powers like oil,rocket launcher etc to knock down your opponents.It’s a very addictive game and once you are trained to take the short cuts in the game then it’s really easy to win the race.I’d love using cheats with them and my favorite toy was a “UFO”.


Tarzan was developed based on the cartoon character “Tarzan” where he needs to save his jungle and families from the villain.He starts his journey as a kid and learn’s to master the skills of apes.The enemies he faces during his mission are monkeys,baboons and eagles.There are three stages to be selected like easy,medium and hard.

7.Jungle Book

I’m Still christian german dating able to recollect the song that the game used to play at the beginning and it made me that addictive.Jungle book was released for PC in 1994 and it was about the character Mowgli.You take up the character and make an adventurous travel to complete the stages.At certain level you get villains like the Bear,Monkey,Tiger.Banana is the weapon you are provided and you need to collect all the gems in the stage to move on to the next level.

8.Age of Empires and Conquerors

Age of Empire is a strategy game where you are given a objective and move on to the next level based on the story.Various strategies like protecting wonder,building castle,docks,barracks,town center etc are really interesting to handle.Multi-player game allows you to fight among your friends and that’s where it becomes more addictive.


Prince is the first version of price of Persia where the gameplay moves around the character prince who is fighting for to free the princess who was kept trapped by the villain Jafar.You need to cross many obstacles,dungeons,spikes and also fight warriors on the way.

10.Grand Theft Auto 2

As we are awaiting for the release of GTA 6,The old version which was developed at the late 90’s was very popular 2D game among’st the kids.it’s the same gameplay where you will be provided with a mission around three cities in U.S.The game has two modes,one is noon and the other is dusk.You can walk,run,fight,shoot,drive vehicles and can do much more with this version.

11.Midtown Madness

Midtown madness is an addictive racing game where you are provided with four modes to select.At the beginning you are allowed to ride 1 out of the 5 available cars and as you complete stages the remaining cars http://pleasantvalleysanctuary.com/okw-live-sex-photos/ will be unlocked.Additionally police vehicles,pedestrians involve http://oakridgedental.com/v9ix-online-dating-services-for-active-adults in making the race more difficult.

12.Mortal Combat 3

Mortal combat is a extreme fighting game where you are provided with many fighters like Raiden,Liu Kang,Kung-Lau,Scorpion,Sub Zero,Tanya and you are allowed to play an arcade and multiplayer game.Each character has a special power and the special characters like Goro can be unlocked on completing the arcade mode.
There are a ton of games like Dave,Alladin,Sonic,Pacman,Sheep Dog Wolf,Demolition derby,Virtua Tennis,Tekken,Moto GP etc and i guess there won’t be enough space to write all of them.Do not take it offensive for not mentioning any of the vintage addictive game.It’s difficult to get a download link for all of those games and if you need a download link for a game then just leave a comment below so that i’ll try to provide you the link for downloading a particular game.
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