5 Best Tools to Clean Internet Junk Files from your Computer

When you browse through internet from your internet browser you will leave several traces behind such as histories,cookies,user data and temporary sex chat rooms files.All of these unwanted data are stored on your computer’s hard drive.To keep your computer clean you must remove all of those useless data and to do so today am proving you the 5 best tools to clean the internet traces from your computer.

clean internet junk files

5 Best Tools to Clean Internet Junks from your Computer


clean internet junk files
CCleaner is one of the best tool which can clean all the unnecessary files from all the brands of browsers like internet explorer,firefox http://pelerinaje.semperagape.org/ce8-dahlface-from-my-free-webcams/ and chrome.It can perform several other operations such as removing a program from your computer,Fix your registry files… CCleaner provides facility for removing only the unwanted data such as cookies rather than removing all of the traces.

2.Free Internet Eraser

clean internet junk files
Free Internet Explorer is a matt skiba and heather dating similar tools like CCleaner which can remove the history that are made by our windows system and Internet browsers.This tool also provided facilities such as clearing the temporarily stored internet files.

3.System and Internet Washer Pro

clean internet junk files
System and Internet Washer Pro http://generalworks.jp/x5-china-singles is an advanced system and internet junk file cleaner.Using this software you can clear your browsing history,download history,cookies,temporary files and additionally it has windows system cleaner.Every tasks are separated in different tabs which helps us to quickly navigate and clean the system.

4.Real Time Cookie and Cache Cleaner

clean internet junk files
Real time cookie and cache differs from the other cleaners we have seen till now.RTC3 has the ability to clean all the cookies,cache files,histories and temporary files at the time of browsing itself.It supports most of the popular browsers such as firefox,chrome.This software is not free but still it is free to try.

5.Tracks Eraser Pro

clean internet junk files
Tracks Eraser Pro has been extended its functionality to use some advanced features other than the regular basic features like clearing histories and temporary files.Before erasing a file,you can take a trial for removing those files.File shredder is an additional option that allows you to remove any type of file from its root from your system.


All of these internet cleaning softwares comes very handy in most of the situations.If you are satisfied with the above product then you can purchase the pro version from their official website.
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