Best windows softwares you must have

Best windows softwares you must have

Here i have provided some information about the best windows softwares and tools which you might have not known till now.These are very essential for every person who uses the computer regularly.Okay here we go..

List of Best windows Softwares :


best windows softwares
Notepad++ is an open source software which is an best alternative for your basic notepad.Notepad++ can read and edit any type of source codes such as c,c++,php etc.Special feature that makes it separate from the other editor is that in notepad++ you can record your screen while you type.This feature is useful when you want to create a tutorial and release it on some video sharing sites like youtube etc.Here is the download link : Notepad++
For recording the screen you can also try this : Record your screen


best windows softwares
TeamViewer is a tool which will allow a user to control other person’s computer through internet.Teamviewer allows users to share their screen,download and upload files to the remote computer and much more, i remember once i turned off my friends computer using TeamViewer.For this both the person’s must have teamviewer installed on their system.This is very simple to install and once you have installed it on your computer and all you have to do is to ask the userID and Password to the person whom you need to connect with and thats it.You can get it here : TeamViewer


best windows softwares
As the name suggests , Recuva is a tool for windows that allows you to recover the deleted files on your system and even from your memory cards.This will be surely useful incase of accidental deletion of a file or loss of file due to a virus.
Get the free version here : Recuva , For full version of this software just torrent it!
Check here how to recover a deleted data : Recover-Deleted-Files


best windows softwares
Picasa is the product of google which allows you to view,edit and manage all kinds of photos inside your computer.Picasa can support all kinds of image file formats it has a very stylish user interface.Not only this but also picasa has an inbuilt technology to detect the faces from your photos.Get the software from the official website : Picasa


best windows softwares
CCleaner is used by millions of people across the globe and it is a system optimisation tool which will clean your internet history,potentially harmful files and other unused files.This can also fix your invalid registry files and other bugs in your system.You can download the free version from here : CCleaner

6.Total Video Converter

best windows softwares
Total Video Converter is a video converting software that supports almost any kind of formats.TVC also has an inbuilt video player which can render any video file format and play it with ease.The trial version is for limited period usage :Total-video-converter
These are some best windows softwares as far as i know and if i have missed anything just mention in the comments.
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