Download 5 Top Antivirus Free for Lifetime (2013)

Firstly you must get to know why an antivirus is very important for a computer.It doesn’t matters if it’s your personal computer or your laptop,It must be always secured with an antivirus.Day by day there are plenty of virus,malwares,trojans,worms etc are spreading over the internet.If you have your system connected to the internet without an antivirus protection then,you are going to be one among the victims.You can know more on how people easily get your system access

download free antivirus free

How to choose your antivirus ?

When it comes for protection,i would always suggest you to get a paid antivirus.Because paid antiviruses provide frequent updates and keeps your computer strong against the virus.Free antivirus is not a bad option either.If you are looking forward for a free antivirus with more reliability then,I would prefer the list below which shows you the top 5 free antiviruses.If you have Autorun antivirus then you can remove it using the method i had given in that post.

Top 5 Free Antivirus

I had already selected few popular free antiviruses such as Norton,Avira,Microsoft essential,Avast,Nod 32,Comodo,Ad Adware,AVG and Zone alarm.I made some researches and found out the best 5 out of the tested free antivirus.Also Read : Best tools to clean junk files from your system.

One of the test result’s for free antivirus is shown below :


Avast is the best free antivirus which can keep your computer more secured.Avast had also ranked as the best antivirus of the year 2012.It provides a simple interface which allows you to scan for available threats on your disks.It doesn’t eat much of your processor and so it is light weight compared to the other antivirus in the list.Avast keep updating it’s virus database regularly and which is always a good sign for a free antivirus to be the best of all.
Download Free Avast


AVG is one of the oldest and best antivirus which gives real time protection for your system.The interface might look complex as it has plenty of buttons at the home screen.Email scanner,Identity theft detection and many other features makes it as one of the stronger free antivirus package.You can completely rely on AVG while using the internet because it provides a good firewall protection.


Avira is free antivirus which can detect and remove malicious programs such as virus,trojans and malwares.Some of the features that are provided by avira are :
  • Real-time protection
  • AntiAd/Spyware
  • Browser tracking blocker
  • Website safety advisor.
Avira will make your system immune to virus and other threats.Download Free Avira


Comodo is also a good option to keep your system protected.Comodo is available for several platforms like Windows,Linux,Android and Mac.The free version supports anti-spyware,cloud protection and infection defense on files.It’s not the best antivirus when compared with other top antiviruses but it is not bad either.

5.Microsoft Security Essential

Microsoft essential is for the older versions of windows such as windows 7,xp and vista and windows defender is for windows 8.Security Essential is very compact and light weight so that it doesn’t takes much memory of your RAM.It does satisfies only the basic protection but,can’t be relied completely and that sounds like they are still in the developing stage.


I would just say that whatever might be the best free antivirus,at the end of the day only the paid version will provide you the 100% system protection.
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