Play Nintendo Video Games of 90’s on Windows XP/7/8

Hello i am going to explain about emulators. An emulator is a software which has the ability to perform the function of a different device. During kids we people would have  played video games in tv and ever wished those days to come back ? yes it is possible. Those nintendo games can be emulated in your computer as well. That is the use of an emulator.

It is very easy to install and play a nintendo game.

Play Nintendo Video Games of 90’s on Windows XP/7/8

  • first download the snes from SNES
  • now download the roms , that is the games you need.
other game files are available in websites like
once you download both of them, run the emulator and install it.after installing the snes open the software and  select the zip files and start playing .
similarly this is the best post by my friend on how to play a play station2 game in your pc: playstation emulator
Basically not only for this, they have other purpose too.
ever got tired of keeping ur CD’s safely ?
yes, if a software or game CD gets damaged or scratched  then you cannot use the data in the cd .
so here comes the solution.. backup them in ISO or BIN image format.if you need to convert the file into image format then you need to use a software called as magic iso maker.
you can get it from here :
here is the video how to convert the file into .iso format :
you can alternately download the required
.ISO file from the internet and download the Image emulator.
here is a example for how to use an image emulator.
i suggest you people to use daemon tools because it is popular all over the world.
  • install the daemon tools
  • once you install you get a tool bar icon
  • right click on it and select virtual cd rom => choose a alphabet=> mount image
  • now browse for the image file and select ok

simple right..

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