How to Find Duplicate Files in Windows Computer

It’s a very tedious process to manually find and remove each and every duplicate files that exists in your windows computer.To make your work simpler i have brought up a perfect solution for you.With the help of this post you can easily automate the procedure of finding duplicate files withing your windows computer.

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Find Duplicate Files

To find duplicate files and remove them you need to download a windows tool called as double killer.Double killer is a fast and easy to use application for finding duplicate files.Once the duplicate files are identified they can be removed from the hard disk.Also Read : 5 must needed software for windows  

Double killer can identify the duplicate files based on several similar entities between two files such as hash file,file name,size,modification date and content.
Features of Double killer
  • Scan directories,drives or computers in network for duplicate files.
  • You can exclude file types such as .dll and .mp3 type files.
  • Presents you the list of duplicate files and you can sort out the un-needed ones.

How to Use Double Killer ?

  1. Download Double Killer .
  2. Extract the zip file and open the application.
  3. Shift to the “Options” Tab.
  4. Click on the “+” button under the Folders pane and select the directories you need to search for the duplicate files.
  5. Check the file types in the excludes list and conditions list.
  6. Click on run and wait,you will be provided with a list of duplicate files.
  7. From the option on the left click on “Select the first dupes” button.
  8. Click on either Delete checked files or Move checked files.
  9. That’s it.You have successfully identified and deleted the files from your computer.
Always remember that do not scan your windows system folder and if in case you lose any important files from your computer am not responsible for it.Use this tool with caution.
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