How to add webcam background effects (tricks)

How to add webcam background effects (tricks)

Its the 21st century Where People meet people mostly through internet.Social network websites are the main reason for this growth actually.
You will be amazed to know what you can really do with your WebCam.

  • Record and capture the videos
  • Setup live streaming
  • Use multiple Clients with single webcam
  • Convert the webcam to a security camera(paranormal activity)
  • Change the background image and add video effects(most preffered)
  • Use mobile as webcam(save money)
To start with the post , most commonly needed feature is
  • Recording a video and capturing the image.

YCC cam cap(normal recording)

WEB cam companion (give some details for download.Not necessary to be true)

Record Videos live from your webcam in your desired format .Ever fell in a situation of recording a live chat with your best girl/guy , Want to save the memories of being with your friends ? Then give it a try , am Sure it worth your time.

  • Use multiple clients with single webcam
ManyCam :Video chat with people simultaneously with different video clients.

CamSplitter : simultaneously use camera for two or more video clients like yahoo , skype etc.

Have a lot of webclients ? Want to chat with your Boss and your friends at the same time ? Have your girl friend in skype and your mom is calling on yahoo simultaneously ? Do not worry , try the above softwares .


  • Convert Webcam to a security camera
Dorgem : Use it when u want to investigate about the activities happening around your room when you are unaware . This really works awesome .It Takes photos when only some motion is detected on your camera.This software is totally free and Easy to use.

TUTORIAL on dorgem:
  1. Download the software here : dorgem
  2. Open the software
  3. First select your camera in the drop down list
  4. Select preview and adjust the camera position to your wish
  5. Click the source and adjust brightness,contrast etc according to the environment and click ok.
  6. Now click options and tick the ” Use Motion Detection ” and click ok.
  7. Click store settings and select FILE then ok , now browse for any directory to save and finally select the intervals to take photos and click ok.
  8. You have your Brand new Security camera installed successfully.
  • Change background image and add effects 
AV Webcam Morpher – Put someone else image instead of you and have fun with your friends.
Pretend to be somebody else in your video chat

CyberLinkYouCam – this is a trial version software which has many effects to add during live chat , it supports yahoo messenger,skype etc.


  • Use mobile phone as webcam
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