How to video capture

How to video capture ?

You may be in need to capture screen because you wanted to record the video on webcam or you need to record a video tutorial on your screen .There are lots of questions being asked on how to capture video? , How do i video capture my screen? , how do i record my screen ? For all these questions there is a simple answer.
To capture your screen download the camtasia studio software from here : CamtasiaStudio(trial version)
If you need a free full version then torrent it. Don’t know to torrent ? check here : how to torrent

You don’t wish to pay ? download a simple open source recorder for window.(totally free) : downlaod

What you can do with this camtasia studio software?
You get Camtasia Theater , Menumaker and Player along with the download.
  • Record your screen .
  • Edit the video your have recorded.
  • Add captions to the video.
  • Add effects to the mouse pointer in the video.
  • Record your voice or add related audio clips.
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out effects.
  • Select custom screen or full screen for recording.
  • Record your webcam.
  • Add Mouse click sounds and much more…

How to record the screen with Camtasia Recorder ?

Once you install your product, open the software and select video recording
You will see something like this :

Select the settings and when you are ready click the record button . Do not worry , the recorder will be hidden during the recording and only the screen is captured.
Finally press F10 to stop the video.
Other tips :
How to convert the video ?
To convert your video to any format check here : convert any video .
How to capture only the image ? (screenshot)
  • Press the PrtScr button on your keyboard.It is used to print the screen.
  • Now go to paint , photoshop , gimp , picasa  or any image editing software.
  • Rightclick => paste . Now you can edit the photo and save it to your computer.
How to upload the videos to youtube ?
  • Create an account in youtube and Login.
  • Click the upload button you find next to youtube search bar.
  • Select the videos from your computer.
  • See the tutorial here : How to uplaod youtube video in 3 steps
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