Lock a folder-the easy way

Lock a folder-the easy way

How to lock a folder ?In today’s world there are lots of things that are to be hidden from our friends,parents and even to your husband or wife.Maintaining secrets are difficult in our real life but not with machines.In this post let me tell you how to lock a folder,hide them,password protect them and keep them safe from anyone who uses your computer.I know you may want to hide a folder because it must contains some personnel data that you may have to hide from your parents or may be a project file that you should hide them from your other co-workers and employees. Whatever the reason may be , the solution is one.Lets see!

lock a folder using Folder Lock :

There are lots of applications and softwares available in the market for free that did the same job as other folder locking software does.But the difference is the paid softwares are always guaranteed and trust worthy.For example there may be lots of small locks available in the shops but have you ever thought why do you always prefer for the big one ?You think the thief will find difficult to break a lock which is little big in size?Certainly not! It is for our satisfaction.Likewise Using a paid software is for our own satisfaction.Even a folder can be hidden using a notepad file.But put that aside, we are going to use a software called folder lock which is very easy to use like peeling a banana.

How to install folder lock :

    • Download the latest version of folder lock from this link : Lock a folder
    • Open the software and immediately click next.
lock a folder
    • Select a particular place to save your software.
lock a folder
    • This is the important step where you need to select your master password for this software.
lock a folder
  • Once you lock a particular file using this software it can be unlocked only by using the master password.
  • Setting your name or simple text as a password has no use on it.So Choose the password wisely so that it cannot be guessed by others.
  • The green meter indicates the strength of the password.
  • Including characters,numbers,upper and lower case combination in a password makes it strong and difficult to break it.
  • Now you have successfully installed folder lock

How to lock a folder using folder lock :

    • Start your application and if you have purchased the software enter the key to activate itĀ  or to try the software just click “Later” and move to the next step.
    • On the application window you will see a place to add items.Click the icon and select Add file or Add folders
lock a folder
  • Now Select the folder you wish to lock and select open.Immediately the status will change to lock.
  • Click the remove button to unlock a locked file or a folder.
  • Inorder to change your password select settings then choose password security.
  • Enter your current password and click “change master password”.
  • Once again enter your current password and your new password twice and select okay .This will reset your password.

Not only this you can carry your locked file through pendrive still in the protected state.Using the “protect USB/CD” option this is possible.
Remember anytime you can uninstall this software and this does not require your password !
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