5 Best Photo editing softwares for photographers

A single touch in a photo-editing software can give your normal photo an professional look , so that is the reason why most of the photographers retouch their photos inside the photo editing tools.Such image editing softwares can be easily used and when you play around with it you will get to know in-depth about that software.I will suggest you few image manipulating softwares that you could use it in your day-to-day life.
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5 Photo Editing Softwares Every Photographers Must Have :


photo editing softwares

Adobe Photoshop is very well known by everyone which is almost pinned with every tool you require for editing an image.All those additional effects like hue,saturation,masking,contrast,noise filtering etc gives your photo an outstanding look at the end.If you are not familiar with working in photoshop there are several tutorial available for free on youtube,so make use of them and start your project now.
Download Photoshop : Download


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2.GIMP :

photo editing softwares

Gimp is a free photo editing software which is available for both linux and windows platforms.Gimp has very accurate tools and most of them can be accessed from the toolbox itself.Gimp is no match with photoshop but it has some special tools that photoshop doesnt.
Download Gimp : Download


photo editing softwares

Tintii is a free photo editing software which is available for both windows and linux users.Tintii can be used by photographers for various special purposes like photo manipulation,Black to color etc.Working with hue,saturation and lightness adjustment is very easy in tintii.It can also be used as a plugin with photoshop.
It focuses only on color adjustments and so it helps photographers for making minor tweaks in their photos.
Download tintii : Download


photo editing softwares

Inkscape is an open source graphics editor that gives an realistic experience with the image manipulation as it is based on the vector graphics editing.Once you start to use this tool you wont go for any other software.There are plenty of vector graphics editing software but only few stands out and one such software is inkscape.
Download Inkscape : Download 


photo editing softwares
Pixelmator is a powerful image editing tool which is available only for MAC users.New features like retina display is been optimised for new Macbook users.Layers,transparnecy,Text adjustment tools and many others make this software a remarkable one.
Download Pixelmator : Download

Conclusion :

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All the above softwares has the ability to give you the better result but it depends on the way you use them.If you aren’t satisfied with the above image editors then drop your views in the comment section.
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