Troubleshooting Startup crash Issue in Cracked FIFA 13

In my previous article on fixing the startup problem on cracked FIFA 13 i was explaining about the issue related to the direct-x software.In this article i will be dealing with the other troubleshooting steps that can help you to run  FIFA 13 without any startup crash  issue.

troubleshoot fifa 13 startup crash issue cracked version windows 8

Troubleshooting Startup Crash Issue in Cracked FIFA 13

This troubleshooting steps will solve the following issue only
  1. FIFA 13 starts but gets stuck on the screen with the Messi image.
  2. FIFA 13 problem related to online multiplayer gaming.
  3. FIFA 13 pops out an error on the startup as “Update error”.
If you have any video graphics card problem or if your system doesn’t meet the minimum requirement for playing the game then this article can’t help you out for those issues.Go grab a new graphic drive and start playing.

Steps to follow

1.Go to the Origin website and download the Origin software and install it on your system.
2.Open the origin software and if it is not updated then just allow it to update.
3.The update will take no more than 30 minutes to complete with an average internet speed.
4.After your update is complete the origin software will prompt you to login.
5.Unless you are about to play multiplayer online game , you can ignore this login step.
6.Open the FIFA 13 from your cracked folder and your game will startup without any issue.
A small video is given below for your reference.If you get any error message after following this troubleshooting steps ,then leave a comment below.I’m glad to help you.
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3 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Startup crash Issue in Cracked FIFA 13

  1. Hey bro.. My fifa 13 doesnt work even though i have the origin installed.. whenever i click the icon.. nothing happens.. i have each and every trick available.. please help me out..

    1. Do you have the updated version of Origin ? Try downloading the source from another place and install, If there was some error in the installation source this might happen too. Make sure you have the minimum graphics requirements to play the game.

  2. games stats up fifa 13 main page apperas with messi’s pic ..then a blck screen apperas and there is an arrow to and its stucks there

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