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Linux Mint 13 Review The Community Distro

Its 2012 , and we have a new many Linux operating systems coming up, but only a few seem to make it to the top . One of my personal Favorite is Linux mint : This operating system provides a fresh start to newbies and also gives the traditional desktop interfaces both which are easy to use and rock solid.

Currently Linux mint has topped the charts in, and finally it toppled down Ubuntu’s six year reign. Linux mint is a distro made for the community , ideas and suggestions are given by the users and the Linux mint team work real hard to bring out those ideas.This is what makes Linux mint very amiable and makes it stand at the top .

For those of you who have used or are still using Linux mint 12; you are in for a lots of change. the new-edition of Linux mint 13 promises many changes and promises to I am only going to make a small review of Linux mint 13.

Quick index

  1. Intro 
  2. Speed and performance
  3. Installation
  4. Log in
  5. Interfaces
  6. MATE

                 Linux mint 13 is a distro based on Ubuntu, and it follows the same cyclic release as Ubuntu,(but only releases when the operating system is ready)**

                 Linux mint had a very humble beginning, but its safe to say now that all that has changed.. Linux mint is a new and fresh operating system. we know that there has been many changes in the interface that other operating systems are using(Ubuntu and windows 8) , and these changes are very and drastically severe. it not only makes your computer unusable but also makes the user a statue!! , I am talking about gnome 3, the desktop(gnome 3) is still at a very early stage but, seems like the improvements made are only making it tougher and tougher to use the system. hmmmmmmm.

                 The Linux mint team has worked real hard to bring back the traditional desktop layout which has proved its stance till now.The new Linux mint 13 comes out with 2 editions, one which features the MATE desktop which is a super stable and more suited for productivity , and one features a cinnamon interface, the new zingy interface is the talk of the town, and its brings modern features to the traditional desktop layout. real awesome..More about the interface in the respective sections
                 The beauty of Linux mint is that it has all the codecs and multimedia formats pre installed, its plays most video formats out of the box, no need to update or install anything to make it work 🙂

                  Linux mint 13 is the latest from the team and its up with many features. this review of Linux mint 13 will help you see how it is 🙂

                  I decided to make a quick and fast review,  so i am directly heading into the details 🙂 so how fast is fast?? and how fast is Linux mint.? from what i have experienced, seems like Linux mint is actually lightning  fast compared to the unity interface Ubuntu uses. yes its very fast both in the MATE edition and the cinnamon edition. unity is more suited for touch screens,(its also good) but for the desktop and laptops,, its a definite no-no
                  Users of the legendary gnome 2 will know how stable and fast their systems were, we can expect the same type of performance and speed from Linux mint 13 MATE edition. its almost the same and one can even say its going to get better than gnome 2 soon.

                  RAM usage in Linux mint 13 is quite good for a full interface, its quite low, in my 32-bit computer when the computer was idle i was running at 200Mb of RAM usage, and in my 64-bit system it was at 500Mb, this is mostly computer dependent. so don’t make any assumptions with this..!

                  The general performance is very good, applications open up real quick, no waiting time. once i click my Firefox or chrome or libreoffice, its there waiting for me! more about this in the  sections about MATE and cinnamon.

                  Linux mint 13 has a very decent software manager, but it does take up some time to start up, but its got a nice splash screen dialog coming up.. so its quite okay. when Linux mint starts up it doesn’t have a splash screen, instead it shows a black screen.

                  If you have installed any Linux mint or Ubuntu before, you can skip this, as this is the norm..
anyway, the Linux mint 13 installation is very much the same as Linux mint 12 or Ubuntu, as usual there are options to encrypt the home folder , you can let the installation make the optimal settings for you and let it do a dual boot, or if you wanna get more geekier you can install by specify the partitions yourself .

                   Normally the installation takes about 10 to 20 minutes depending on your system.and once the installation is over you can restart your system to use it.

                  Here is where you can see the first change and a darn good one too. The Linux mint team had replaced the normal log in screen you would find in Linux mint 12 or Ubuntu. MDM is simply very nice, it is customizable, and you can change anything you want in MDM, its coding is based on gdm2.x

                  One thing that i didn’t like is that, in MDM you will have to enter the username and password yourself, previously it was only entering your password and select the user’s. lets see if i get used to it.


                   This year, Linux mint team for the first time has released two separate ISO’s. one for the MATE interface and one for cinnamon. both are awesome and if possible you must try out both.

                    whats the difference?? its very simple, productivity and stability versus new and modern and eye candy. MATE vs Cinnamon,,,,,


                   Okay i promise i will keep this section as small as I can, but its not easy..MATE has a lot to offer. when you boot up Linux mint 13 with mate you are welcomed by the very well known and comfortable interface ever. In MATE things just more and there is no complications like unity or other interface.. 
                   MATE uses the famous mint menu( i love this) its classic and it just works. You search for applications you want and select. you can even search for packages and install them directly. . its very powerful.
                    MATE panel sits at the bottom of the screen by default, this you can change.. and it can handle quick lunch buttons to launch you favorite application. MATE also supports applets (like gnome2) but this has to improve a little more.. its still very unstably at times!(but it wont bother you )

                    MATE is very flexible, you can change the themes and colors, just like gnome2.


How to bring down a server

How to bring down a server :

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Okay this is gonna be a super quick tutorial.Some times when you want to make a big impact, a small action is enough!! but first a notice:


Today we are gonna concentrate on how to bring down a server.Usually when you give too many request to a server or a site it tends to crash.(also known as ping)

Requirements : Any Ubuntu based Linux (ex. Linux mint, Ubuntu, etc etc.)
The first step is to install a program called “siege” this is a command line program.This Task is a pretty small one.
This program is actually used by administrator  to check the strength of their website
which essentially means we can also use it to overload the site and bring it down.

The simple steps for installation are
  1. Go to your terminal
  2. Type in sudo apt-get install siege
  3. Type your admin password
  4. It will install


  • Go to your terminal
  • Type siege -c20 <>  (example:  siege -c20
  • Press enter
  • It will start the “battle”
  • To stop the attack close the terminal ot press “ctrl+z”

Here  “-c” indicates how many concurrent users.. meaning how strong the attack should be.! (this depends on your computers processor (if you have single core then 200 is max, if you have a more powerful comp, then 5000,10000 etc etc)

Note:This Process may or may not work. powerful servers like Google or yahoo cannot be brought down with a single computer. keep this in mind this can be super powerful if you want!
please experiment it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

which is the best linux in 2012

Which is the best linux in 2012

Still sticking with windows ?If you are a windows or a mac user and if you are thinking to install the best version of  linux on your system then you are on the right place.There are so many versions of linux in 2012 which are very friendly and most of them are better than windows.Many people out there still think linux as an alien.If you are one of them stop your imagination and come into the real world.


I know you will have many questions regarding linux and i have answered few general questions about linux at the end of this post and further if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section.

First let us see what are all the advantages of linux over other operating systems: :

  • Linux is free and their updates are also FREE.
  • Linux is very secure : Hacking into a linux system is very difficult unlike windows.
  • Linux is virus free : So you do not need an antivirus software for linux
  • Linux is Faster than any other operating system .
  • Throw away all your driver CD’s now.Linux has all drivers inbuilt with it and it automatically detects and installs any hardware attached to your computer.
  • Linux can run windows applications and softwares too.

Which is the best linux ?


    Linux mint 12 is the Best and stable version of the linux and the next version had been already released .I would advice you to install linux mint 12 because the updated version is still in development stage .Linux mint was launched by Clement lefebvre in 2006.Linux mint was developed from ubuntu , which is the second best version of linux which created a revolution among linux users because of its attractive user interface and several other additional features .

    You can download Linux Mint 12 here :   

  2. UBUNTU :

    Like i said before , ubuntu is the second best linux version used worldwide.Ubuntu was created by mark shuttleworth.Ubuntu was the best version until Linux mint was developed.Still people use ubuntu because it provides a good graphical user interface and this linux is based on the older version of linux called as debian.

    You can download UBUNTU here :       

Frequently asked questions :

  • Is Linux better than windows ?
    Yes , graphical interface is better than windows and linux is very fast . 
  • Can i install softwares Easily like windows ?
    Yes , Within a single click you can install any windows application .
  • Will Linux support windows software ?
    Yes , Windows softwares can be run in linux using an inbuilt program called “wine”.
  • Should i know codings to use linux ?
    No , You do not need any programming skills.Linux is Very user friendly
  • What are the system requirements to install Linux ?
    Any computer with more than 215MB RAM and Celeron processor can run LINUX.
  • Can i Try linux before use ?
    Yes , you can try linux either virtually or by using live cd.
  • Can i play window’s games in linux ?
    Like i already told before use wine and play any window’s game.
  • Where can i ask for help ?
    If you need then you can even ask help here at the comments section.
  • From where can i get applications for linux ?
    From software manager you can install any available Linux Applications or you can get it from other websites too.

    how to boot linux from usb

    How to boot linux from usb

    Click here for instructions on how to boot linux from usb
    Click here for FAQs on how to boot linux from usb

    OK I have Linux in my computer and I wanna know if is there a way to carry it around and be a computer overlord?

    the answer is YES.. please read the post and know how to boot any Linux from USB
    The best part is you can use the full operating system in full speed from you USB pen-drive! 
    that’s really cool actually…
    I use a program called lili usb writer for this process..(using windows)
    • Linux disk image (anything from ubuntu to linux mint will do)
    • USB writer :”lili”: download form here(click here to download)
    • 20 minutes of your time
    How to boot Linux from USB..

    1.Open lili USB writer,this is how it looks

    2.As you can see in the image there are five simple steps

    3. Please insert your pen-drive before you start the program

    4. Now in the step1 dialog, find and select your pen-drive (at least GB, 2 GB preferred) in the step2 dialog click on the first icon (ISO/IMG/ZIP)(it will do a small check,all automatic)

    6. OK now most Linuxes can run live as well as persistent(it means you can store your files in the pen-drive,,very cool) (check F.A.Q for more)

    7. In step 4 select the first 2 boxes(optional)

    8.Click on the lighting symbol and your live Linux is ready in 20-30 minutes

    Frequently asked questions

    1.Can I store files in my pen-drive?

              Yes you can, please jump to step 6 in the instructions and have a look at F.A.Q number 3.
    2.After rebooting will my files appear again?(updates,documents etc?)
             If you are running it in live mode, then no your files will not be there, it will be a fresh system once rebooted. but if you run it in persistent mode then all the changes and files will be stored.
    3.Whats the maximum size i can make for extra file storage?**
             Here is the sad news, in a pen-drive using fat32(the standard) you can only make a persistent space of 4GB.. so you have 4 GB to store your files,, still a lot,, considering you are gonna carry your operating system
    4. I have a 32GB pen-drive,,, is it still 4GB limit??
              Haha yes,, always 4GB.. :(…

    5.Will i be a computer over lord?
              Yes you will be a computer overlord, you can spook your friends with this usb linux,, more about hacking your friends computer with this in the next post!!

    6.How to do it in linux?how to boot linux from usb using linux??
              Assuming you already have linux knowledge, you can simply go to your software mahager and download unetbootln and its super simple using that..

    7. The program said that my Linux is not in the list??
              Not a problem,, it will figure everything out and do the best,, always use the latest version. its list contains 100s of Linux operating systems.

    8.who is a computer overlord?
              def:: person who uses Linux and does everything that is not normal(like carrying a operating system in your pocket) and hacking any computer on the way 🙂 keep following this blog for more hack tricks

    Now you Would have learned how to boot linux from usb .Check here for other linux tips and tricks

    Getting Apache Working under LInux – Easy Way

    Getting Apache working under linux

    Installing Apache ourselves is a tedious job and if you’ve got lot of time and patience left in you, then you’ll go for installing apache by yourself i.e. compiling, configuring, etc..

    But now, lets see how to get apache working under linux in no time. You might have already heard of the software called XAMPP or LAMPP. We are going to use it.
    LAMP is Linux Apache Mysql Perl/PHP.

    As the name indicates, the LAMPP comes with Apache, MySQL and PHP preconfigured to work in symbiosis. So we do not need to go through the hassle of installing Apache, PHP and MySQL seperately and again configuring Apache.

    Lets see how to install LAMPP.

    1. Download LAMPP (or) XAMPP for LINUX from here.
    2. Move the downloaded file to the home folder
    3. Open Terminal
    4. Type :
    1. sudo -i
    2. cd /home/your_username/
    3. tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.7.7.tar.gz -C /opt

    Thats it. Now, XAMPP will be installed in /opt/lampp/ directory.
    Wasn’t that easy ?  The following will enable you to manage LAMPP server process

    1. cd /opt/lampp
    2. ./lampp start ( To start lampp)
    3. ./lampp stop (To stop lampp)
    4. ./lampp restart (To restart lampp)

    After you’ve started LAMPP, go to your browser and direct it to http://localhost. You’ll see the page like below :

    Installing Reliance Data Card Software in Linux

    Recently, I made a post about installing airtel data card on Linux. Now ,we are gonna see how to install Reliance Data Card on LINUX. Unlike installing airtel’s , installing Reliance Data Card is much easier.

    Here is what you gotta do :

    1. Visit this page
    2. Click on Downloads section.
    3. You’ll find ‘For LINUX Drivers’ link. Click on it and your download will start
    4. After your download has heart singles finished, extract the contents to a folder.
    5. You will have both RPM and DEB files.
    6. If you use debian based linux i.e. Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Ultimate Edition, double click on ‘UBUNTU.deb’ file to install it
    7. If slovakian dating culture you use Fedora based linux, then use ‘Fedora.rpm’ for installation
    8. For Open Suse, use ‘Open Suse,rpm’ for installation.
    Thats it. Now wasn’t that easy like i said before..

    Getting GNOME 3 and Cinnamon for Ubuntu

    Starting right from Ubuntu 11.04, Ubuntu has changed to Unity Interface, its own User Interface. But many of us ( just like me ) find the Unity Interface not right in someway. Here I am going to show you how to get back your good old GNOME. And another one called Cinnamon ( Although I wont recommend it – Atleast at this stage of its development ).

    1. GNOME 3 :

    All it takes is a 90 Mb download.
    Installing GNOME 3 ( with GNOME 2 ) is as easy as slicing a butter with knife. Here is how to slice this butter :

    1. Click on this link . Click on ‘Allow’ in the dialog box that pops up in your browser.
    2. Ubuntu Software Center will open up. 
    1. Click on install. Drink some water. It will download and install GNOME 3. Thats it you are done.
    2. Once installation is finished you’ll have both GNOME 3 and GNOME 2 under your sleeve.
    3. All you need to do now is just logout and select GNOME for ‘GNOME 3’ session and GNOME Classic for ‘GNOME 2’ session.
    GNOME 3 Menu

    GNOME 2
    2. Cinnamon :

    Cinnamon is something that is on its way for completion which means it is not fully developed yet. And as a result it is slow. You’ll feel a bit nostalgic when you use Cinnamon because, its menu and toolbar are similar to that of XP’s. Also it allows you to use applets that pack a punch.

    Here is how to get this baby in your truck :

    1. Open the Terminal ( use Ctrl + Alt + T )
    2. Type : sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable
    3. After that is over, now close your terminal and open synaptic package manager and search for cinnamon. Mark it for installation and install it. Thats it. You are ready to use cinnamon.
    1. Just as the old saying goes, logout and select Cinnamon to try it out.
    —————————————————— HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS ———————————

    Linux command line cheats/shortcuts

    hello!! this post is all about the Linux command line! Linux command line is very powerful and almost anything can be done or executed from the command line
    there are many types of commands,infact there is so much that all that would made your head explode! 
    any way here is a small list of commands that would help any one !

    Using graphics.h under linux

    Using graphics.h under linux

    I got used to the graphics.h as working under Turbo C++ was the only option a student of India has. However under linux, as a beginner, i was unable to find an equivalent header file. That is only until, you install a new package that allows you to use graphics.h in the same way as that in Turbo C++.

    I would like to keep this very simple. Lets start .
    There bonair baptist richmond older singles are two phases in this process :
    1. Installing the dependancies.
    2. Installing the libgraph package.
    Installing dependancies :

    1. Make sure you have G++ (GNU C++ compiler). If you do jump to Step 3
    2. Open Software Manager and Install G++.
    3. Open Synaptic Package Manager.
    4. Search for guile-1.8-dev
    5. Mark it for installation. And also its additional Requirements.
    6. Then do the same for libsdl-image1.2-dev.
    Installing libgraph :
    1. Download libgraph from here
    2. Extract the contents to the home folder.
    3. Now open terminal.
    4. Type the following commands :
    cd libgraph-1.0.2
    sudo make
    1. Ignore all the warnings displayed. Again, in the terminal type the following line :
    1. Now its over. Your struggle so far will bear fruit now. All you need to do is create the C++ file containing graphics (include graphics.h in the file) and then compile it as follows :
    g++ filename.cpp -o output_filename -lgraph
    1. Run the output file using ./output_filename
    2. For example, if your C++ file is test.cpp, then compile helena web cam it using the command ‘g++ test.cpp -o myoutput -lgraph’ and you can run the output by using the command ‘./myoutput

    Remastersys tutorial and download

    Remastersys tutorial and download

    Remastersys is a program used to save a snapshot of your computer applications and updates, it is used with operating systems like Linux mint / Ubuntu /(any Debian based)
    THIS PROGRAM CREATES A .ISO FILE OF YOUR COMPUTER,, then the regular steps follow for installation using CD or unebootln.

    So with Remastersys you can

    • stop worrying about computer formats and re-installation of apps (recommended)
    • share your operating system with friends (along with your applications and updates)(recommended)
    • you can save your data files also. including your wallpaper etc
    • you can save all your settings and customization’s
    • you can made a cdfs file system and modify files on the fly(advanced)
    • you can create a new operating system from a existing one(advanced)

    Of the above , our aim is to only make a simple ISO of our computer and keep it ready in case the Linux crashes or gets formatted.

    here is a short Remastersys tutorial
    1. first login to your Linux machine!!
    2. download the Remastersys software from here .
    3. it will show no preview available,, just press download
    4. most probably you will have to right click on the file and select “open with gdebi installer”
    5. after that make sure you are connected to the internet
    6. click on install, it will install all the dependencies and all…
    7. now you can find Remastersys in your system menu.

    now open the remastersys program you will see a screen similar to this.

    click OK !! then the second step is displayed below!

    as you can see, there are many options, we are more interested in the  2nd(dist option)
    others are not necessary for now.

             Now we shall see how to make a basic ISO with all your updates and applications(real cool)

    now click on the 2nd option (DIST) and press OK,, you will get another screen,, press OK there too!

    1. now you will see a black window
    2. it will process out everything,,
    3. it will take 20-30 minutes depending on the applications you have.
    Most people who i have shared this with have a problem locating the ISO file, and its location..
    when it is over you can close it and open your file manager, and go to file system.
    there you will find a folder called home. open that and your Remastersys folder will be there, have a look at the following two screen shots
    click on it to enlarge ///*///
    my file manager, click on file system

    after clicking on the home folder you should see something like this.

    inside the home folder
    go ahead and click on the Remastersys folder, your ISO is there!
    inside the Remastersys folder

    now you will see a file called CUSTOM.ISO

    copy it to some other location…
    now you will have to clean this folder,
    close up everything and then again open Remastersys
    In the available options select clean and click OK,, the folders contents will be deleted.
    I hope this short tutorial will save your computer and also help you share your own computer OS with others!
    (do not read this if you simply wanna make ISOs and give it to few friends…. )
    thanks for reading,,,, leave a comment!!