How To Add Creative Commons Licence To A Website Or Blog.

When you create a Website or a Blog,you allow people to find your site on the internet. But the people visiting your blog cannot download the content,resuse images or copy documents which you publish. Creative Commons Licence is a solution for this problem. By this, people can reuse and redistribute your content.
This article will help you how to share your work world wide.

How to Select and Display a License?

1. Select a Create commons License that best fits your needs.
2. Add the Creative Commons License and a copyright notice in the bottom of each page on your site.

You can download License Logos Here. 

Adding a Creative Commons License to a Website

Example: Logo and Description:
This is an example where content on the site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Copyright <enter date> <enter your name or name of your organization>.


3.Third Party Content On Your Site:

Third party content may include any image,text or content which was produced by someone else. For websites that contain large number of images from multiple sources like Google, it may be helpful to follow the process for organizing and analyzing the images. By doing this you can view all images on your desktop than following the links.

4. Create a Details and Exceptions page.

This step is necessary if you have determined that third party content is used on your site. You are free to list any exceptions that make sense for your site. Here is an example exceptions list that is currently in use by the MLibrary:

“Some material on the MLibrary website is not being made available under the terms of this license. These are:
Third-Party material that is being used under fair use or with permission (such as third-party databases).
Staff member profile photographs.
Any photographs where students, staff, or faculty at the University of Michigan are easily identifiable.” CC: BY MLibrary
Include a link to your Details and Exceptions page along with your license information. For example:

“Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Copyright <enter date> <enter your name or name of your organization> Details and Exceptions


5. Now your site is open for people:

The original content on your website is now openly licensed and ready for others to freely share, adapt, and reuse. But wait, there is more you can do! Reference our attribution examples to see how to properly credit the third party content on your site.

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